How Can CCTV Improve Warehouse Security?

Unfortunately, storage and warehouse facilities are prime candidates for theft, burglaries, stock handling issues, employee theft and OH&S management issues. When you are handling thousands to millions of dollars of products and equipment, and a large number of people, stock, and heavy machinery each day, you need to secure your premises 24/7.

CCTV plays an enormous role in asset protection, as well as reducing the threat of crime and theft. Security is paramount, and warehouse CCTV is a vital part of your security systems. Today we will discuss how CCTV improves warehouse security.

CCTV Improves Warehouse Security

What is CCTV?

CCTV has come a long way over the years. HD capability means you get better evidence to hand over to the police and other authorities if need be. Modern CCTV systems also allow you to remotely check your facility via state-of-the-art monitoring centres or even via mobile.

Strategically placing CCTV cameras gives you an overall picture of what is happening in your warehouse at any time. Warehouse CCTV provides you with ongoing surveillance to prevent theft, vandalism, and damages from intruders or even employees. CCTV also acts as a deterrent for would-be criminals, meaning you are working to prevent damages rather than react to them.

No matter the size of your warehouse, you need to protect your property, inventory, and employees. You also need to identify hazardous staff behaviour, unsafe work practices as well as embezzlement, theft and fraud. By monitoring incoming and outgoing activity, you can also avoid losses from property damage. As a result, CCTV improves warehouse security and helps prevent losses.

Benefits of Warehouse CCTV

Businesses and warehouses have been using CCTV as a crime deterrent for years. Even if you are not actively monitoring your cameras, the presence of a camera can be enough to deter would-be criminals. Many people think twice about petty theft if there is the possibility someone is watching or recording their actions.

Unfortunately, all too often people choose lower resolution to save money. But it is best to remember that the better the resolution, the better the evidence. Modern HD CCTV has vastly improved detection rates.

CCTV is best used in conjunction with monitoring services and alarms. As a result, cameras can be monitored at a secure Australian monitoring centre, like those provided by Eversafe. A monitoring station means there is always someone observing your camera footage, meaning they can respond quickly and efficiently in the case of an emergency.

CCTV also helps ensure all your bases are covered and works to give you peace of mind.

CCTV Improves Warehouse Security trainingRemote Monitoring and 24/7 Protection

Your warehouse operates at all hours, which means you and your employees are always at risk of security issues. As a result, you need a robust security system that is not only capable of deterring intruders but can also capture clear evidence as needed.

Remote monitoring for CCTV means you have 24/7 protection for your warehouse. Remote monitoring systems are also able to send notifications directly to your phone if your property is broken into.

Eversafe’s Australian security monitoring centre works 24/7 to help monitor your business. An alarm will notify our Melbourne security monitoring centre in an emergency or in the case of a disturbance. Operators then call your premises to validate whether a false alarm has occurred. We then notify you via the provided contact response list. We also give the option to instruct us to send out a patrol car to attend the premises or to contact the authorities.

Integrated Systems

While integrating security systems might seem costly, it is incredibly important for warehouse security. By combining different security systems into one integrated solution, you are helping to better protect your premises.

Utilising access control systems controls who can get where in your warehouse. An alarm system tells an intruder to get out and deters would-be criminals, as well as giving you a definitive timeline of intrusion. And CCTV captures evidence and deters would-be criminals. Combining these systems helps you pinpoint the right time and place to get the right evidence for authorities.

Access control is an excellent system to integrate with your warehouse CCTV. Together, they allow you to monitor personnel access. Your warehouse might utilise one access control point or many. Common areas for access control are:

  • Manager’s office
  • Admin offices
  • Storerooms
  • Bond stores
  • Rear doors
  • Entry points

Quality Control with Warehouse CCTV

By combining CCTV with audio surveillance, you can monitor staff interactions and provide feedback on their performance. You can also survey your work areas to ensure no one is cutting corners. Common issues that strike all warehouses include:

  • Staff theft of stock
  • OH&S management
  • Property damage

One of the most common security issues for warehouses are stock handling discrepancies. CCTV allows you to oversee loading areas to ensure everything is being shipped and received as planned. You can analyse stock during transport, track shipment discrepancies, track the movement of personnel, trucks and forklifts, and ensure there are no breaches in your critical safety standards.

Concerned about your warehouse? Want to ensure you, your employees and premises are protected? To find out more about how CCTV improves warehouse security, call Eversafe today on 900 10 90 or email