Dahua Security Cameras Melbourne

Eversafe offers Dahua security cameras in Melbourne.

Dahua CCTV is a leader in the video monitoring security market. Since 2014, Dahua has ranked number 2 in the global video surveillance equipment market. Dahua CCTV can be applied to many market sectors, especially banking and finance, government institutions, sports and leisure facilities, transportation, retail and energy production.

Melbourne Dahua CCTV Installation

Dahua is one of Melbourne’s leading security technology firms. They produce a range of security cameras to suit your needs including CCTV, PTZ, network cameras, thermal and HDCVI cameras, to name a few.

Dahua CCTV cameras have fantastic features including:

  • Motion tracking
  • HD quality cameras (4k available on some models)
  • Night Vision
  • Real time monitoring
  • PTZ (on some models)
  • Remote viewing

Dahua stays on top of the security camera industry by utilising research from its four research institutes, dedicated to advancing security technology. With so much money focused on advancing surveillance technology, it is no surprise that businesses and installers prefer Dahua technology.

There is no limit to the solutions available from Dahua, from pre-packaged systems for small and medium businesses, to custom set ups for businesses of all sizes.

Dahua CCTVDahua CCTV Cameras

With the ever-increasing need for robust CCTV security, Dahua camera systems can easily integrate with industrial and large-scale businesses, as well as small business needs. They are easy to install and use, with high quality picture resolution and the ability to record for long periods of time. As a result, they are perfect to meet all your CCTV needs.

Dahua CCTV offers more coverage and features than your average CCTV system. As a result, Eversafe can offer clients 360 degree coverage for their sites, without affecting quality.

Dahua Thermal CCTV Melbourne

Dahua’s licensed technology means that it can record long-range, analogue HD video at a lower cost. Further, Dahua CCTV offers a range of thermal CCTV cameras to meet your security needs. There are times when the human eye, and even state of the art CCTV cameras cannot pickup everything needed for efficient security. That’s where thermal cameras come in. They also offer:

  • A clear image without the need for an extra light source
  • Superior performance even in rain and smoke
  • Contactless temperature measurement for fast and accurate alarms
  • Alarm settings with temperature measurement with a maximum 2 degree deviation

Where Can I Use Dahua CCTV Cameras?

Dahua CCTV cameras are exceptional thanks to their wide range of uses. These include:

Border and Coastal Supervision

Dahua cameras offer exceptional long-distance monitoring, including non-illuminated areas. They are ideal for harbours and docks.

The Electrical Industry

Dahua CCTV also provides isolated, mostly unmanned monitoring and temperature measurement for the electrical industry and facilities.

The Energy Industry

Dahua cameras can help monitor pipeline leaks and pipeline drilling to enhance safety measures.

Dahua CCTV MelbourneBuilding and Site Security

Dahua CCTV provides excellent perimeter defence for your site. It offers short, medium and long-distance monitoring, as well as virtual defence and video analysis.

Bushfire Prevention

Thanks to thermal imaging and detection, Dahua cameras can detect long-distance fires and trigger alerts. This helps with evacuation plans, especially during Australia’s unpredictable summers.

Production and Automation

Much like the use of thermal imaging for bushfire awareness, Dahua CCTV can also help monitor energy consumption and overheating problems.

Transportation Sector

Dahua CCTV can provide flow detection, both human and vehicle, with 24 hour monitoring in all conditions.

For further information about Dahua security cameras in Melbourne, contact the team at Eversafe today!