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Eversafe offers state-of-the-art Inner Range Integriti in Melbourne.

Inner Range Integriti is the latest technology platform from Inner Range. It is the result of Inner Range’s continuous industry participation and product development. Integriti is the state-of-the-art solution for your business. As an integrated system featuring security, access control, and building automation, Integriti offers tangible cost-savings. As a result, you can manage access to your property with Inner Range PTY LTD’s modern, scalable solutions.

Further, Integriti allows you to manage the reporting of security of your building and audit the responses. Respond quickly to emergency situations, lockdowns and alerts. You can also tailor Integriti to your needs, allowing you to implement a simple, flexible access control solution. Eversafe can integrate Inner Range Security with your existing security products for total oversight and peace of mind. Make access control easy with Inner Range Integriti in Melbourne.

Inner Range Integriti Scalable Solutions

From small, single site businesses to largescale, multi-location operations, Integriti is perfect for all. Let us help you protect your business with smart solutions that scale with your business. With years of experience working with Inner Range Integriti, Eversafe is here to provide outstanding support and service.

Integriti is an IP-based, networked solution utilising new or existing IT infrastructure for boundless connectivity. It is simple and easy to use, allowing you to inlock doors or turn on or off security areas easily. As a result, you can manage your entire system via an intuitive Windows-based software. This modern management suit is also a cutting-edge solution, designed from the ground up for the internet age. As a result, Integriti adheres to current IT best practices.

Use Inner Range access control to monitor and control the movement of all personnel and vehicles in your facility. Further, Integirit acts as a complete security management system and integrates with a variety of security sub-systems, including:

  • CCTV
  • Biometrics
  • Mobile duress
  • Lighting
  • Air conditioning
  • Intercom
  • Fire

Access Control with Inner Range Integriti

Inner Range Integriti monitors and controls the movement of all staff and vehicles in your facility. As a result, you can to protect critical assets and manage the safety of all staff and visitors. Integriti allows you to easily assign access permissions, authorising who can go where and when, including any visitors.

Integriti’s use of User Access Groups and optional exceptions, ensuring unmanageable user groups are a thing of the past. While traditional systems require multiple access groups to deliver permissions, Integriti company security uses only one access group with variations to the permission group created by applying simple exceptions.

You can also manage your OH&S requirements by utilising Integriti’s competency-based access control. Integriti allows you to manage up to 8 doors locally or up to 240 doors via RS-485 Sub-LAN expansion.

Inner Range security also empowers system administrators to leverage the very latest computer hardware, with no restrictions, caveats or excuses. As a result, it is everything you need for basic system management. For further information, explore the Integriti brochures below?

4878-Inner_Range Systems_101_Guideinner range system guides

4253-Integriti_Deployment_Architecture_04032015_LoRes_Webintegriti deployment architecture

4333-Integriti_Integrator_Catalogue_04032015_AU_LoRes_Webinner range integriti catalogue

1725-Integriti_Customer_Brochure_13032014_LoRes_Webintegriti customer brochure

4334-Integriti_Integrator_Catalogue_04032015_AU_LoRes_Printinner range integriti catalogue

inner range integriti catalogueIntegriti Software Editions PDF

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