Construction Security Melbourne

Construction site security is a big deal.

In June, last year, 32 incidents of burglary, theft, and damage at construction sites was reported. The bad news is that figure represented a 60% increase from the previous month. Construction sites are a golden opportunity for criminals to make some quick cash. But with Eversafe in your corner, you need not worry about criminals stealing from your business and getting away with it.

Typical Construction Site Security Breaches

Construction sites are the perfect place for crime to happen and go unnoticed. Not only is there hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment lying around, but they’re crowded. This means a person can see so many faces in a day, and due to the range of tasks that need to get done they may have difficulty recalling who was where, and when. They have cover, distraction, and a saturation of people that makes it easy to hide in plain sight. As a result, there’s more crime going on in construction than you might have once thought.

1. Theft

Generally these worksites are outdoors. So it makes it hard to secure equipment and vehicles when everyone is running around all at once doing their work. Not only that, but the work requires full mental concentration and often demanding physical labour. These two types of strain combined severely impact the recall of potential witnesses. This leads to the theft of a crazy amount of power tools, raw materials, copper wiring, and even vehicles! The CEO of the Construction and Mining Industry Equipment Group John Reid says “One excavator can be sold for about four or 5 commodores.” At time of writing, that is equal to around $134,900 – $144,950.

2. Vandalism

Sometimes people take things too far, and if the building you’re working on is opposed by the community you can be met with backlash. Sometimes this results in vandalism which, although usually relegated to taggers and street artists, if someone gets stirred up enough it can lead to severe property damage.

3. Trespassing

There’s a right way to do everything but some “urban explorers” don’t know this. If you want to explore a city’s back ends that’s fine, so long as you’re safe doing it. However, sites that are still under construction are extremely dangerous. There are machines around that can cause serious injury or death if mishandled, not to mention parts of a building that aren’t finished yet. If the engineering on a structure hasn’t been done, it’s safe to assume that there’s a definite mortality risk.

4. Assault

Most criminals aren’t idiots, and are experts in casing their marks. They know that construction sites and workers have high-end tech and equipment on them, and they also know that 5 on 1 is most likely to come out in favour of the majority. It’s not rare for construction workers to get jumped by gangs of thugs looking to steal gear to make a quick dollar or two. Also as we mentioned above, sometimes protesters get…rowdy. Combined with the constant go-go-go of construction work and the exhausting nature of the labour, sometimes tensions can rise between employees.

Benefits of Construction Site Security

Will construction security systems make you immune from crime? No, there will always be criminals who just don’t care enough about getting caught, or the people they’re hurting, or for whom the reward outweighs the risk.

However, construction site security will severely increase the risk for would-be criminals; deterring some in the process. With those that aren’t deterred, security systems can be instrumental in holding the culprit accountable; in particular when it comes to insurance. There’s no security measure in the world that stops crime, but part of what makes criminals bold is how easy the crime itself is. Installing as many deterrents as possible creates an environment that presents latent criminals with additional hurdles that may be the very thing that stops them trying something.

Why Choose Eversafe Construction Security?

Eversafe is one of the leading providers of construction security solutions in Melbourne. With over 20 years experience, Eversafe provides one of the most diverse catalogues of security brands and systems, suitable for any industry. We work closely with every client to ensure that we understand exactly what they need and what their pain points are, allowing us to provide the relevant equipment and service. Not to mention our friendly and thorough service guarantees your satisfaction.

Construction security systems are the best bet you have to keep your construction site and your employees as safe as they can be. Not only do these systems dissuade criminals from targeting you, but in the event of a crime they give you the best possible chance of coming out on top.

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