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Building Access Control

We can help you create an end-to-end security system to prevent unauthorised access to your facilities.

Using a comprehensive suite of security alarms, digital security cameras and video systems we have the tools to provide your organisation with an unbeatable level of safety and access control.

Some of the features of a well-thought out building access control system will include:

  • Keypad door locks
  • Swipe card access technology for door access control
  • Visitor badging systems
  • Proximity card readers for remote access control
  • Wireless remote controls for faster door access control
  • Door access control using biometric readers (i.e. finger scanners, face scanners and more!)
  • PIN code pads for door access control
  • Smart cards for site access control

An Eversafe solution includes:

  • Access control security door lock ability to restrict access
  • Door access control tracking
  • Business access control auditing
  • Site access control timing/attendance
  • Building access control ID card and printing systems
  • Business access control visitor badging systems
  • OH & S on-site tracking (i.e. for evacuation procedures)
  • Door access control for lift access control systems
  • HR support timesheet, staff movements

When considering access control for your business there are a number of practical issues to consider:

  • How many areas to which you need to restrict access. Some buildings may only have access control installed on 1 door, some cover all main entry points.
  • How many doors are in these areas. Remember the more doors you monitor, the more it will cost.
  • Time periods and user permission groups i.e. who is allowed to access certain areas where and when. You may want to vary the access hours and areas for different employees. For example, staff only have access to their respective floors or tenants that conduct business on Level 5 only have access to Level 5, the main entry door on the ground floor and the car park.
  • Reader and Card Type: Do you require swipe cards, proximity fobs biometric readers or keypads?
    1. Swipe cards are larger than a fob and are a similar size to a business card. One of the major benefits of swipe cards is that they are large enough to print on either for branding purposes or Personnel ID. You can purchase a card printer to do this if these are your requirements.
    2. If a swipe card doesn’t suit your needs, fobs are quite popular due to their compact size. They can be hung off a keychain and are typically no larger than a 20cent piece.
    3. If you have a large number of staff, biometric readers can be quite cost effective. Typically, they are much more expensive than the average swipe card or proximity reader. Where you save money is in the fobs. If you have 200 staff, all the fobs could cost between $2-$3K. Another benefit of biometric readers is you don’t have to deal with managing staff losing them as all you do is learn in the users’ fingerprint, typically the index finger.
    4. Another option is keypad access control, whereby you just use a pin number to open the door. At Eversafe we don’t recommend this technology as it can leave your system vulnerable to others as a PIN can be texted to another person. Also, with a lot of the cheaper Keypad access control systems, the actual controller is built into the keypad. This makes it vulnerable in that the lock output and lock mechanism are here. All you have to do is take the keypad off the wall short out the lock output which in turn may release the lock or electric strike.
  • Software: When considering an access control system for your body corporate you also need to consider how you are going to program users and access reports. Some systems have software installed on a PC or server which is charged on a license per user basis. The advantages of this type of product is the complex functionality and benefits it can provide you.
    1. One of the products we install at Eversafe is Integriti Pro. Integriti is an Australian made Access Control system which allows you to sync Integriti users with Windows Active Directory Users. In other words any changes made by your network administrator in the Windows Active Directory will be pushed down into the Integriti database. This effectively means that User Information is only entered into one system saving time and improving data consistency. Integriti can also be integrated with some Time and Attendance systems as well. We generally recommend Integriti for our corporate clients and larger organisations because of its high level integration with Building Management Systems, scalability and cost.
    2. Some Access Control Systems have a web based interface which in most cases doesn’t require any licensing and is designed to be much more user friendly. The product we generally recommend at Eversafe for restaurants, hotels, pubs or gaming venues is Inception. Inception is an Australian made web based access control system and is extremely user friendly. It allows you to program users onsite through your web browser or even remotely (via Skytunnel). You can download user reports in either HTML or PDF formats. And you can even control doors from anywhere around the world. Inception won product of the year in 2017.
  • Brands: Eversafe sells and Installs Inner Range access control and intrusion detection products. Inner Range is an Australian based company and world leader in the design and manufacture of state of the art access control and security products. Since their inception in 1988, over 100,000 systems have been installed in more than 30 Countries around the world. Inner Range has offices here and in the UK.

So there are many issues to think about.

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