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Eversafe provides the most secure warehouse security systems in Melbourne.

Warehousing, shipping and logistics companies often deal with a large number of people, stock and freight consignments, and heavy machinery every day. As a result, warehouse security is paramount.

Eversafe can help you with vital warehouse security solutions. When your business is handling thousands to millions of dollars’ worth of products and equipment, it pays to keep watch.

Warehouse CCTV provides you with ongoing surveillance to prevent theft, vandalism and damages from intruders. You need to protect your inventory, property and your employees. Warehouse security camera systems also help identify hazardous staff behaviour, as well as embezzlement, theft and fraud. No matter the size of your warehouse, by monitoring incoming and outgoing activity, you can avoid losses from property damages. Recapturing these losses will help improve your bottom line and save you money in the long run.

Further warehouse security systems work as a deterrent for would-be criminals. As a result, you can help prevent damages, rather than simply reacting to them.

Warehouse CCTV Systems and Security with Eversafe

Some of the most common security problems that warehousing, shipping and logistics companies face are stock handling discrepancies, theft of stock by employees, OH&S management and property damages. Warehouse CCTV systems not only protects personnel safety, but can also oversee operational activities and products. You can also analyse stock as it is transported and track any shipment discrepancies. Finally, for OHS, you can track the movement of personnel, trucks and forklifts. This helps you ensure there are no breaches in your critical safety standards.

Warehouse Access Control

Your warehouse operates at all hours, meaning you, your employees and products are susceptible to security issues. As a result, you need a robust security system. Integrating warehouse security camera systems with the right alarm systems and access control can further help safeguard your property. Warehouse access control can allow you to control who enters different areas of your business, including which vehicles are permitted onsite.

Further, our warehouse alarms can alert you at the moment an intruder has entered your facility. There are many security options available in the market but you need the right solution for your business.

If you want the most secure warehouse security systems in Melbourne or have any questions, contact us today.

Below are some of the options that Eversafe has available for you to improve your warehouse security systems, today.