Office Security Systems

Office security is one of the biggest concerns for all businesses, not matter their size or industry. Threats to office assets or staff can result in heavy losses to your business. While implementing small office security systems may seem simple, they involve a great deal of consideration and planning. You need a solution that is robust, affordable and integrated to help you best protect your business, premises and staff.

Why Do I Need Office Security?

Small businesses are more attractive to intruders as they don’t expect the same level of surveillance and access control of large businesses. Intruders, theft and damage can seriously affect your bottom line.

Eversafe customises your office security system to suit the needs of your property. This allows you to effectively protect office assets from both intruders and employee theft. Effective office security systems utilise access control, CCTV and more to best help protect their business.

Access Control for Small Offices

Access control allows access to authorised personnel while helping prevent unauthorised people entering your premises. Further, access control allows you to designate access to only necessary employees. You can also designate what vehicles can access your property. It also allows you to lock or unlock doors as needed, meaning you don’t require keys. A single person can administer the system. This limits those who have access to your security system through the use of fobs or cards.

Access control is also scalable. This means you can install access control on a single door and upgrade and extend as necessary, without the need for an entirely new system. Eversafe understands that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to your security needs. As a result, we can assess your property and help you choose a security option that best suits your business and needs.

Office Security Cameras

You can utilise modern CCTV in a number of ways in your office environment. It helps identify intruders and unauthorised personnel. You can also help identify workplace compliance issues and help prevent employee theft. If you have stock or cash discrepancies, small business security cameras can help you pinpoint where the losses are occurring and provide evidence in a case of termination.

Eversafe also offers video monitoring, so incidents and activity can be reviewed in real time. This allows businesses to be proactive, rather than reactive, in the event of crime or accidents. Office camera systems can be linked to access control and alarm systems in order to pinpoint the exact location of the incident. This makes emergency management and intruder prevention easier for both you and emergency services.

Modern office CCTV cameras operate in high definition and offer a wide range of vision in order to cover more of your office space.

Workplace Alarm Systems

One of the most popular and enduring security options in the alarm system. Alarm systems can help alert you, emergency services and/or your alarm monitoring control room to an incident or issue.

As mentioned before, small businesses and offices are prime targets of intruders and vandals, who don’t expect these premises to have the same, robust security as large sites. As a result, small business alarm systems can help deter criminal activity. Combined with an integrated security system of access control and office security camera monitoring, can help you prevent crime and incidents rather than simply react to them.

Alarm systems can be loud, to deter criminals, or silent, to alert the right staff members and security to an issue. By utilising alarm systems and CCTV you can not only pinpoint the exact location of a break-in or incident in the event of an emergency, you can also monitor the building to help ensure all staff, customers and/or visitors are safely evacuated.

Are you looking to protect your office and employees? Do you want a customised, robust security system that helps deter would-be criminals? Keep ahead and help protect your business with a custom office security system from the team at Eversafe. Get the most out of your security system. Speak to the Eversafe team to tailor a system to suit your needs, today!