Chinese-Made Security Cameras – Are They Safe For Your Business?

As a business owner, ensuring the security of your premises is of utmost importance. However, recent news about Chinese-made security cameras being removed from government buildings in Australia has sparked concerns among many business owners nationwide. Whether you currently have Chinese-made cameras installed on your business premises or are contemplating their use, you might be
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Hikvision Cameras Australia

Eversafe is proud to offer Hikvision cameras in Melbourne. Founded in 2001, Hikvision leads the pack with its global presence and has become one of the largest manufacturers of security and surveillance equipment in the world. Hikvision has invested heavily in research and development, and their products are known for their advanced technology and innovative
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COVID Update

To all our customers, please note that Security is an essential service. Eversafe will remain open for business during the proposed shutdown. Please note that even though your workplace may be closed it is not an offense for you to let us in to help you. Our staff will follow all Covid 19 hygiene and
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