Swipe Card Melbourne

Eversafe offers the most secure swipe card Melbourne businesses can rely on. Swipe card access control systems help simplify the sign-in process for your site. It allows you to track who has access on your property and who is currently on your site. Swipe access allows you to streamline and automate your visitor management system. Door swipes also enhance your security and prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing your site and can be integrated into other security – or existing security – systems. You can track hours spent on site in real time as well as know who is on sit during emergencies.

Access Control with Swipe Cardsswipe card access control

Security for your business is top priority. They provide peace of mind, knowing buildings and other properties are guarded. A trusted access control system, provided by security industry leaders like Eversafe, offer peace of mind and 24/7 access control solutions. Swipe card systems are a reliable way to manage who can enter commercial and industrial premises.

No two businesses are the same, so you need a customised approach that will work for you, your property and the number of doors that require access control. They allow you to efficiently and securely grant or restrict access to certain areas.

Access control relies on a security control tokens that grant you access through electrically powered doors. This involves a reader and either tapping, swiping or inserting your security token. Security tokens fit easily into a pocket, wallet or bag and come in a wide range of options including, but not limited to:

  • Proximity fobs
  • Swipe cards
  • Bluetooth Readers
  • Biometric Readers
  • Facial Recognition Readers
  • ID cards

Despite their different names and configurations, their function is the same. You no longer need to invest in traditional tumbler lock systems that are easy to pick. Instead, access control systems utilise an embedded access credential on the magstripe or chip in the access card itself. This unique code is read by the reader to allow staff and visitors access. This allows you, as the business owner, to grant specific permissions to each unique code. You also have the ability to deactivate specific access tokens, remotely.

And since access cards and token can’t be used remotely, only when close to a reader, they are a convenient and affordable solution to access control. Make clever security simple for all businesses big and small, with swipe card door access control systems from Eversafe.

Swipe Card Access Control – For Businesses Big and Small

Swipe card entry systems are ideal for small and large businesses. They are also cost-effective while still allowing you to control access to different areas of your site. You can restrict areas based on access levels and help decrease security risks. We can incorporate swipe card systems with alarms, CCTV and fire systems to create a unique, integrated management system for your business. They can be used for:

  • Vehicle Access Control
  • Building Management Systems
  • Lift Control
  • Gate control
  • Roller doors
  • Internal and external door access
  • Time tracking for wage purposes

You can also control access based on staff keeping certifications and licenses are up to date – restricting access to those who don’t hold the required documentation. Eversafe designs  access control systems to meet your requirements and we specialise in installing and maintaining your swipe card system.

We can also recommend the best locations for your swipe card system, such as:

Criminals are constantly adapting to security standards. Keep ahead and help protect your business with a swipe card access system from the team at Eversafe. Get the most out of your security system. Get the most secure swipe card Melbourne businesses can rely on. Speak to the Eversafe team to tailor a system to suit your needs, today!