Alarm Systems Melbourne

Are you looking for the most secure alarm systems Melbourne businesses utilise?

No matter if you own a small store, multi-chain retail business, or a warehouse, Eversafe can help reduce the risk to your business, employees and stock with the latest in alarm technology.

Whether you need a new, tailored security system, or an upgrade to your existing alarm system in Melbourne, we have solutions to suit all needs, requirements, and budgets.

At Eversafe, we understand that peace of mind is the most important goal of all business owners. This is why we not only provide a quality security solution, tailored to your needs. We also provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring of your business alarm.


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You’ll Find the Best Business Alarms from Eversafe

We believe business alarm systems should be the first priority when looking at your security, not only as it’s an affordable and fast solution, but for their efficiency and power to protect your assets.

Some of the benefits to integrating alarm systems in Melbourne include the fear it creates and deters trespassers, vandals and thieves from any criminal activity. This also improves employee and customer safety while on your property.

Investing in a monitored alarm system can lower your insurance costs, saving you more money in the long run that can be put back into your business. You’ll also have complete peace of mind knowing there’s another team monitoring and protecting your business as well as your own.

Save money, protect your staff and leave your premises without worry- this is all possible when you talk to our Eversafe team about creating a tailored alarm system for your business.


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Learn about Eversafe’s Wide Range of Reliable Alarm Security Systems

When installing an alarm system, you need to consider what areas you need to cover and what devices you will require to cover each zone. Contact our team today or fill out the form below to start your free customer security assessment to find out which monitored alarms suit your needs.

Below are some of the security systems we recommend and can provide for business security.

  • Motion Detectors – also known as PIRs, generally cover areas of 10-11ms. They are cost-effective and cover large areas.
  • Reed Switches – these magnetic contacts for doors and windows are used on the perimeter of a building. When the reed and magnet separate as an intruder tries to enter, the open circuit triggers an alarm.
  • Panic Buttons – hold up or panic buttons are ideal in the retail sector, they allow employees who feel threatened to press a discreet button that will result in immediate police action.
  • Seismic Sensors – are especially important if you have a safe. These sensors trigger an alarm if they detect heavy vibrations, such as those from a drill or jackhammer.
  • Smoke Detectors – a requirement for all businesses, retails spaces, and warehouses. Specialised business alarm smoke detectors connect to an alarm system that immediately alerts the fire brigade.