Inner Range Inception

Eversafe is proud to offer Inner Range Inception — an integrated access control and intruder detection system featuring a powerful built-in web server.

Inception is a brand of access control and security management system developed by Inner Range, a global provider of security solutions. Inception is a scalable, web-based system that allows organisations to manage and control access to their facilities, monitor alarms, and integrate with other security systems, such as CCTV, intercoms, and biometric devices, from a single interface. 

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Inner Range Inception Features

Inner Range Inception offers a wide range of features that provide comprehensive access control and security management capabilities. 


Key features of Inner Range Inception include:


Web-based Access Control: Inception is a web-based system, which means it can be accessed and managed remotely from web browsers or via the Inner Range Inception app. This allows administrators to conveniently manage and monitor security from anywhere, anytime.

User-friendly Interface: Inception features an intuitive and easy-to-use access control software interface that makes it simple for administrators to configure, manage, and monitor access control settings. The software offers a graphical user interface (GUI) that is visually appealing and extremely easy to navigate. 

Scalability: Inception is scalable and can be customised to suit the needs of different installations, from small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to large-scale facilities. The system allows for easy expansion and can accommodate changes in security requirements over time.

Alarm Monitoring and Event Management: Inception provides real-time monitoring of events and alarms, allowing for quick response to security incidents. Alarms and events can be customised based on predefined rules and conditions, and notifications can be generated for timely alerts.

Easy Integration With Third Party Systems: Inception supports integration with a wide range of third-party security and building management systems, such as CCTV, intercoms, biometric devices, and more. This allows for seamless interoperability and centralised management of multiple security systems from a single interface.

LAN Expansion Modules: Inner Range Inception supports the use of LAN (Local Area Network) Expansion Modules, which are optional add-on modules that provide additional functionality and capabilities to the Inception access control and security management system. These modules are designed to enhance the system’s performance, expand its capabilities, and provide additional connectivity options.

Email & Push Notifications: Inception can be configured to send email and push notifications for various events and alarms. Inception sends push notifications using the SkyCommand app, which is free for iOS & Android devices. Notifications can also be sent when repeated failed login attempts are made on the web interface or keypad, or if programming changes are made.


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Where Can I Use Inner Range Inception?

Inner Range Inception can be used in various commercial, industrial, institutional settings where access control and security management are required. These include:


Offices: Inception can be used to secure access points in office buildings, including entry doors, lifts, parking garages, and restricted areas. It can help manage access permissions for employees, visitors, and contractors, track access events, and generate reports for auditing and compliance purposes.

Healthcare Facilities: Inception can be used in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities to manage access to patient rooms, medical storage areas, laboratories, and other sensitive areas.

Retail Spaces: Inception can be used in retail stores, shopping centres, and commercial spaces to manage access to backrooms, storage areas, and other restricted zones. It can help prevent unauthorised access and generate reports for loss prevention and security purposes.

Industrial or Construction Sites: Inception can be used in manufacturing plants, warehouses, construction sites and other industrial facilities to secure access points, control entry into restricted areas, and manage access for employees, contractors, and visitors. It can also integrate with other security systems, such as CCTV and alarms, for a comprehensive security solution.

Apartment Buildings & Gated Communities: Inception can be used to control access to entry gates in apartment buildings, common areas, lifts, and individual apartments or units. 

Inception Range Installation In Melbourne

If you are on the hunt for the most reliable access control and security management system in Melbourne, look no further. Modern businesses require modern solutions, and in today’s challenging business landscape, ensuring the safety of your employees, buildings and assets is paramount. Eversafe is proud to equip Australian businesses with Inner Range Inception, allowing you to keep a close eye on your staff and facilities. We also install Inner Range Integriti security systems

During installation on your site, our expert team take the time and effort to consider a wide variety of important issues including: 

  • System Design
  • Location Of Access Points
  • Legislative Requirements
  • Hardware Selection
  • Wiring and Cabling
  • System Configuration
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Ongoing Maintenance


Why Choose Eversafe? 

At Eversafe, integrity, honesty and reliability are at the core of how we work together with each other and our clients. For nearly 24 years, our loyal clients have trusted us when it comes to the security needs of their business. Whatever the size and industry, we aim to tailor custom solutions according to the unique requirements and budget of each and every client. We also back this up with our quick and dependable support, giving the peace of mind you won’t find anywhere else. Eversafe is also ISO 9001 & CM3 Certified to ensure you have a quality experience with us.

Our job is to also inform and educate our customers, therefore our quotations are free. This will enable you to make the right decision when choosing a security provider. 

Let us be your shortcut to a cost effective, professional access control system that works. 

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