School Security System Melbourne

Get total peace of mind with school security systems in Melbourne by the specialists at Eversafe. From CCTV security cameras and alarm systems to access control security systems and iPad controlled visitor management software, we’ll protect not only your computers and hardware but also the safety of your staff and your students. No matter whether you are a primary school or a university campus, dedicated school security solutions are absolutely critical to ensuring compliance and safety.

Essential School Security Control

Facilities like primary and secondary schools, as well as universities and colleges, deal with many people every day. This includes students, teachers or staff. Whenever your business involves a large number of people and significant assets, you must consider commercial security specifically tailored for schools. For example, a visitor management system for schools is essential to have full control over outside guests. Did you know that some states in Australia have had to pay $3.2 million a year in taxpayer money to fix up public schools that have been damaged by vandals? As such, campus security control and school alarm systems are necessary not only for the immediate protection of your staff and pupils, but also your property.

Avoiding Theft In Schools

If you are a principal, IT consultant or business manager, you need to protect your students’ and staffs’ property. There are many school security system options available in the market but choosing the right one depends on your needs. Installing the right school alarm system can prevent offenders from stealing property such as tablets and laptops. With proper security for schools, you can also avoid any property damage. This, in the long run, saves your facility money.

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School Alarm Systems and CCTV Security Cameras

The team at Eversafe have everything you need to set up proper safety and security in school and on campus. We equip you with high quality security camera and alarm system installation. We will take care of the entire process for you. Our friendly, experienced team can point you in the right direction for the right system for your needs and budget.

The most common school security problems that educational facilities face are theft from lockers and equipment sheds, burglary of laptops and tablets, school door security, OH&S management and property damage (such as broken windows and graffiti). Below are some of the options that Eversafe has available for you to improve the security of your educational facility.

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