School Security Systems Melbourne

school security systemsThe specialists at Eversafe can help with school security systems in Melbourne. Security cameras and alarm systems provide piece of mind when computers and other equipment pieces are left overnight.

Facilities like primary and secondary schools as well as universities and colleges deal with a large number of people whether they be students, teachers or staff every day. Whenever your business involves a large number of people and significant assets, commercial security is an important consideration. This is why university campus security ad school access control systems are essential.

If you are a principal, IT consultant or business manager you need to protect your students’ property and even the security of your employees. There are many security options available in the market but choosing the right one depends on your needs. Installing the right security system can prevent offenders from stealing property such as tablets and laptops. You can also avoid any property damage and, in the long run, save your facility money.

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Alarm Systems and Security Cameras for Schools

The team at Eversafe have everything you need to set up security cameras and alarm systems for schools. We will take care of the entire process for you. Our friendly, experienced team can point you in the right direction for the right system for your needs and budget.

The most common security problems that educational facilities face are theft from school lockers and equipment sheds, burglary especially laptops and tablets, OH&S management and property damage such as broken windows and graffiti. Below are some of the options that Eversafe has available for you to improve the security of your educational facility.

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CCTV – Security Cameras Surveillance Systems

CCTV is all about evidence. At Eversafe we hear it all too often from customers trying to save money, that “we only need this level of resolution”. Remember the better the resolution the better the evidence. If you skimp on resolution it could cost you in the long run, especially if you can’t ID someone or something.

Most educational facilities have or have had problems with theft, property damage, OH&S management and burglaries. Security cameras will not only help prevent these from happening, but you will also have better control of your students and staff whether it be onsite or remotely. Surveillance camera systems will help protect your facility and reduce your schools overall exposure to risk. Problem areas you need to consider are playgrounds, locker bays, canteen areas, bike sheds, outside toilets, hallways and corridors. Equipment sheds where you maybe holding heavy machinery and tools that are used in maintenance of the school are almost always of a major concern. If anything does happen, recorded video footage can be used as evidence.

For some practical issues when considering CCTV for your facility, see CCTV for Business

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Access Control Systems

Many schools and universities have a need to monitor student and personnel activity. In educational facilities it is also about keeping attendance records or in some cases access control is used for student lockers or dormitories as well. The actual set-up of the system will depend your needs, but there are some standard requirements. One of the common features of a typical access control system is being able to generate user activity reports.

Some schools may only have access control installed on 1 main entry door, some cover all main entry points. Common areas to cover in an educational facility are the main entry doors, Principal’s and Administration office, classrooms libraries and gymnasiums. Most universities now have access control on lockers too. We would also advise you to install access control on any rear door or any entry point that may leave you are your staff or students vulnerable from the outside world either during or after school hours.

An important part of access control is to look at time periods and user permission groups. Here we determine who is allowed to access certain areas where and when. You may want to vary the access hours and areas for different members of staff. For example, Principal and Assistant Principal might have access to all areas all days. Administration staff might have access to the office only 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday & Teaching Staff 7am to 4pm Monday to Friday but can access the staff room and classrooms only.

For other practical issues when considering access control, see Access Control Systems for Business

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Alarm Systems

A commercial grade intrusion detection system will help protect your assets and your property. Security alarm devices are standard for many businesses. If your budget is tight, we recommend you have an alarm system as a minimum requirement for your business. Think of it this way, an alarm system tells an intruder to get out and CCTV captures the evidence. If you have CCTV on its own, then the intruder can stay inside for as long as they like, until they find your recording device and steal it. There goes your evidence! Be proactive not reactive. Too many people install alarm systems after the fact, when it’s too late.

For some practical issues when considering an alarm system for your premises, see Alarm Systems for Business

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Alarm Monitoring

How often have you heard, and then ignored, an alarm siren coming from a building or a vehicle?

In today’s fast paced society, we have become desensitized to these sounds and may also not want to get involved as it may put us at risk as well.

Hence the need for a 24hr security monitoring and patrol service.

When your alarm notifies our Melbourne security monitoring centre of an emergency or disturbance, our control room operators will:

  • first call your premises to validate whether a false alarm has occurred
  • notify you via your contact response list
  • once we have made contact with you, you have the option to instruct us to send out a patrol car to attend your premises

CCTV may record problem activity, but alarm monitoring gives you a definitive timeline of the intrusion making it easier to locate the correct footage via your CCTV Surveillance system. You may also need to consider Security Monitoring for Insurance purposes. High Risk businesses such as Jewellery Stores, Pharmacies, Pubs and Gaming venues must have Security Monitoring either by Law or to satisfy Insurance requirements.

Communication Types: These days there are many ways an alarm system can communicate alarm events to a control room. Traditionally alarm systems have used Dialler Monitoring over PSTN (Landlines) to communicate to a security control room. This is slowly being phased out as NBN (National Broadband Network) is being rolled out around Australia.

  • In most cases at Eversafe we are future proofing our customers by switching them over to GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). GPRS is a packet oriented mobile data service which uses the 3 or 4G mobile network. This is the highest level of security communication that we have due to the fact that the GPRS units are dual sim ie. If the Telstra network fails it will automatically use the Optus network. The GPRS unit also sends a polling signal to the control room (like a heartbeat) at predetermined intervals. If the control room fails to receive the polling signal, then the control room will contact you to alert you to the poll failure. Because the GPRS unit uses the Mobile network there is no phone cable to tamper with making your system even more secure.
  • IP Monitoring: IP Monitoring is similar to GPRS except that it uses the internet to send signals to the control room. It is not as secure for the following reasons,
    1. Must ensure you have your modem connected to a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply like a backup battery) this is to prevent communication failure in the event of a power failure.
    2. Also an intruder can cut the cable to your internet causing a comms failure. With both GPRS & IP Monitoring you won’t have the call costs associated with Dialler Monitoring which helps offset the extra cost of GPRS or IP Monitoring.

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CCTV Video Monitoring

Another form of monitoring is CCTV video monitoring. Video monitoring is for those customers that need that next level of service and security. Video monitoring takes you out of harm’s way.

In the event that your alarm system reports of a burglary to the control room, the control room operator will log on to your CCTV system and will only contact you if they have visual verification of an intruder onsite. This stops you or your staff from being woken up at 3am in the morning and also minimises the need for unnecessary Patrol callouts saving you time and money.

Video monitoring is a cost effective solution which reduces the exposure to risk for all stakeholders and maximises security with a quicker response time.

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