4 Best Security Camera Brands in Australia In 2023

As a business owner, ensuring the safety of your business premises, staff, customers and merchandise is always a top priority. Luckily, one of the most effective ways you can protect your business in 2023 is by utilising access control systems and installing security cameras that can not just serve as a deterrent against theft, crime and fraud, but can also help in ensuring that you are equipped with valuable CCTV footage that can be used as evidence in the event of an unlikely incident or event at your business premises. 

Indeed, the benefits of installing CCTV for your business are numerous, which is why Eversafe is committed to offer a wide range of custom business security systems in Melbourne to keep both you, your staff and your assets safe and secure 24/7. In today’s blog, we explore the 5 best security camera brands in Australia in 2023, in a bid to help you make the most informed decision when choosing the right security camera for your individual business needs.

Choosing the right security camera for your business can be a confusing experience, especially when there are so many brands and varieties to choose from. Moreover, there are numerous factors to take into consideration when choosing the best security camera for your needs, including battery life, motion sensing, audio links, video resolution and much more.

Thankfully, after lots of in-depth testing and research, we have finally come up with some top security tips and list of the 5 best security camera brands in Australia in 2023.


Here are the best security camera brands in Australia for keeping you, your business and your assets safe:


1. Hanwha


Hanwha Wisenet is one of Korea’s leading security technology firms. They produce a range of security cameras to suit your needs including CCTV, PTZ, network cameras, thermal and HDCVI cameras, to name a few. Hanwha security cameras feature advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and deep-learning technologies, with some of the newest cameras even offering industry-leading AI-based object detection for false alarm reduction analytics, AI-enhanced image quality and edge-based business intelligence. There is no limit to the solutions available from Hanwha Wisent, from pre-packaged systems for small and medium businesses, to custom set ups for businesses of all sizes. If you’re looking for high quality security cameras that are reliable and guaranteed to offer your business a higher level of security, look no further than Hanwha. 


Hanwha security cameras


Pros Of Hanwha Cameras: 


  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Easy to install and use 
  • NDAA Compliant (National Defence Authorisation Act)
  • UL Listed for Cyber Security
  • Made in Korea
  • HD quality cameras (4k available on some models)
  • Night Vision
  • Motion tracking
  • Real time monitoring
  • PTZ (on some models)
  • Remote viewing



Cons Of Hanwha Cameras:


  • Previous vulnerabilities on its cloud network


Recommended Hanwha Products: 


Hanwha PNO-A9081R AI

Hanwha Wisenet XNV-6080R 2MP Outdoor Dome Camera

Hanwha Wisenet QND-8011 NEW-Q 5MP Indoor Mini Dome Camera


cctv camera installation banner



2. Hikvision


Our second option on this list is none other than Hikvision. Hikvision is certainly one of the most innovative security camera brands in 2023, thanks to a wide range of high quality cameras, affordability and reliability. Their research and development alone far exceed that of their top competitors such as Axis and, ensuring that Hikvision cameras remain a worldwide leader in the business surveillance market. Hikvision security cameras are powerful, featuring numerous cutting-edge features, such as motion detection, night vision, built-in alarms, low-light technology, and more.


hikivision security camera


Pros Of Hikvision Cameras:


  • Affordable
  • Simple installation
  • Easy integration with other brands
  • Adjustable video footage capacity
  • Cloud support
  • Customisable search and playback
  • Enhanced diagnostics and configuration
  • Footage tagging
  • Multi-channel live view
  • Simultaneous HDMI and VGA outputs
  • Smart playback


Cons Of Hikvision Cameras:


  • Occasional software problems and technical glitches 


Recommended Hikvision Products:


Hikvision 6 MP ColorVu Motorize Varifocal Dome Network Camera

Hikvision 4K Powered-by-DarkFighter Fixed Bullet Network Camera

Hikvision Dual-Directional PanoVu Camera


3. Dahua

Dahua Technology is one of the most popular video surveillance manufacturers in the world and a go to brand for commercial security cameras. One of the standout features of Dahua security cameras is their high-definition video capabilities which capture crystal-clear footage of even the smallest details, making it easier to identify individuals and objects in real-time. Additionally, Dahua security cameras are equipped with advanced motion detection algorithms which alert you in real-time when motion is detected within the camera’s field of view. 


Pros Of Dahua Cameras:


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Third party system compatibility
  • Motion detection capabilities
  • Sound recording options
  • Low light performance
  • HD camera with 4K resolution


Cons Of Dahua Cameras:


  • Slow product shipping from suppliers


4. Axis

Axis is at the forefront of the modern surveillance industry with a reputation for manufacturing high-quality security cameras with advanced features and innovative technology. Axis security cameras are also designed with ease of use in mind. With user-friendly interfaces and remote viewing capabilities, you can access your security footage from anywhere, at any time, through your smartphone, tablet, or computer, making them a top choice for Australian businesses looking for reliable commercial security solutions.


Pros Of Axis Cameras:


  • Reliable performance
  • High quality design
  • Flexible footage access
  • Ultra HD footage
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • Less than 1% failure rate


Cons Of Axis Cameras:


  • Higher price point


And there you have it — the 4 best security camera brands in Australia as of the year 2023. Regardless of which of these brands you choose, you are guaranteed to be investing in great security measures that will offer significant benefits to your business, not only for the structure but also for its contents and employees. 


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