Card Access System

No matter if your business is large or small, all businesses have a vested interest in maintaining the security of their premises. Don’t simply hope for the best when it comes to the damage and asset loss that comes from potential burglars and vandals. Be proactive and install a card access system today.

Card Access SystemWhy Choose a Card Access System?

Card access systems are at the cutting edge of business security options. They are ideal for protecting all businesses, and include real time permission management. This is perfect for businesses needing to track employee movements through different areas of your premises. Card access systems involve a card reader or swipe card reader to validate entry. We can also customise them to meet your specific needs. And you don’t need to worry about being locked out or getting new keys cut. You can also simply replace lost or stolen cards.

Card access control systems help prevent unauthorised entry into your business. As a result, this makes card access control ideal for:

  • Commercial factories and warehouses
  • Offices
  • Building Security
  • Restricted access locations
  • Storage rooms
  • Private and Confidential document rooms
  • Medical clinics and pharmaceutical
  • High-sensitive building access

How to Keep Your Premises Secure with Card Access Systems

In most cases, a simple lock and key system is simply not enough to ensure that your property remains safe, 24 hours a day. By taking advantage of the latest security technology available, you can remain one step ahead of potential intruders and vandals.

Eversafe also offers custom card access security systems to suit your individual needs. Exact security needs largely depend on several factors unique to your circumstances and premises. Further, Eversafe technicians can assess your site and recommend the right brands and the level of protection required for your business.

Get Card Access Systems Installed Today!

Swipe card and card access control systems are a reliable way to manage who is, and can, enter your premises. Eversafe offers industry leading, 24/7 access control solutions ideal for your business. Further, we ensure that your access control system is customised to your business’ needs, with the tailored solutions Eversafe is renowned for. Take control of your security, today, with card access systems from the experts at Eversafe.