Why You Need Hotel Security

Hospitality businesses, like pubs, gaming venues, and hotels, deal with a large number of people and monetary transactions every day. Whether they are customers or staff, you need business security when there are a large number of assets at stake. Today we are going to discuss the importance of hotel security.

Hotels are Larger Than Normal SitesLarge site hotel security

Due to their nature, hotels are much larger than ordinary sites. They are often multi-level buildings and some feature restaurants or entertaining spaces. So, on top of your hotel guests, you may find yourself protecting additional guests in your restaurants and entertaining spaces. No matter how many storeys or what extra venues you have, you need to keep your guests safe.

There have, unfortunately, been many examples of hotel security breaches in the past years. In 2016, Kim Kardashian was famously held at gun point after five men forced the concierge to let them up into the room.

The 2017 Las Vegas shooting, that took the lives of 58 people, had many asking how the gun man was able to smuggle 23 guns into his hotel room. And reports show that so called “soft targets” that don’t have as high security as airports, etc. are becoming a favourite of terrorists. Specifically large properties in key cities.

While security forces in Australia say that our hotels are not high on the list of terrorist targets, it is still important that you provide the highest level of security, with the latest technology, to your guests.

Management of Access is Imperative

One of the best ways to protect your guests and your property, is to ensure there is a management of access throughout the entire hotel. This is done via access control, which restricts who can go where, and when.

Access control allows you to secure areas of your property, which substantially minimises risk. You can also restrict where members of staff can go. For example, does anyone other than housekeeping need guestroom access? The more people who have access to an area, the harder it is to find the guilty party if a crime takes place. Access control, along with CCTV are essential security measures for providing a safe accommodation environment.

Finally, if you run a family friendly establishment, with young children running around communal areas, it is imperative that you ensure security has eyes and ears on the go at all times.

Some of the most common security problems experienced in the hospitality industry are:

  • Hold ups
  • Theft of stock by employees
  • Cash handling discrepancies
  • OH&S management
  • Property damage

Eversafe have a range of security options available to help you improve the security of your hotel.

CCTV is Often MandatoryMandatory CCTV hotel security

It is common now for most commercial properties to have some type of surveillance system. This allows security staff to monitor sensitive areas, including the front desk and common areas. For hotels, improved CCTV software allows hotel owners to match up specific transactions with surveillance footage. As a result, this eliminates the need to sift through hours of film to find fraudulent activity.

In many cases, CCTV is mandatory because of liquor licensing requirements, or if your premises has a gaming venue.

Further, hotel room invasions are a very real threat, and with a proper security system you can prevent such intruders, as well as provide the police with invaluable evidence which can be used by the police in court. CCTV is also important if a building needs to be evacuated in the case of a fire drill or emergency, so you can ensure no one is left behind.

CCTV takes the stress off your staff, too. In the case of a crime, your staff may not be able to identify or a remember a suspect. CCTV cameras can help back up an employee’s statement or help identify the criminal.

CCTV can also work as a deterrent to would be criminals. A criminal can spot CCTV security around the building, they may think twice about breaking in or vandalising a wall.

Installation is Key

Eversafe has more than 20 years experience and can help you set up cameras to maximise your security. Rooms next to fire escapes and back doors are the most likely areas targeted by criminals, for example. We can analyse your property in order to identify the right locations for CCTV systems, the placement of deterrents, etc. Contact Eversafe today on 03 900 10 900 or email us at info@eversafe.com.au us today and begin improving your security!