Keeping Your Business Secure During the COVID-19 Outbreak

With the increased seriousness of the COVID-19 outbreak, Victoria and New South Wales have currently enacted lockdowns. This means that only essential services are currently allowed to remain open. If your business is considered non-essential, then it is likely that your staff are either working remotely or not working at all.

Emergencies all too often bring out the worst in our population. As a result, businesses all across Victoria will be left empty and potentially vulnerable to opportunistic vandals and petty theft. Now, more than ever, it is important to ensure your business is secure and protected. It is important to be cautious and forward thinking in order to maintain your facilities during this emergency. Today we are going to discuss how to keep your business secure during the COVID-19 outbreak.

access control business secure during COVID-19 outbreak1: Access Control

Access control allows you to control who can go where throughout your facility. Eversafe can help you create an end-to-end security system that can prevent unauthorised access to your facilities. We provide leading access control security door locking ability to restrict access wherever required. Our systems provide door access control tracking and business access control auditing. Your site might also benefit from site access control timing or attendance. Door access control is also perfect for lift access control.

You can also control building access via ID cards and printing systems, or visitor badging systems. Need to support your HR staff or check OH&S requirements in your site? Access control can include onsite tracking – perfect for evacuation procedures, as well a timesheet support and monitoring of staff movement.

Make criminal intrusion difficult with a robust access control system.cctv business secure during COVID-19 outbreak

2: CCTV to Keep Your Business Secure During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Modern CCTV can help deter theft as well as record criminal activity on your property. Even the presence of a camera can deter petty criminals who are concerned about their actions being caught on file.

Further, Modern HD CCTV systems can record clear footage in the event of an intrusion onto your premises. This is ideal to hand over to police and authorities as required. An integrated CCTV system can help you respond immediately to a break-in or emergency on your premises.

Eversafe’s CCTV systems are convenient, easy to use, and affordable. They allow you to view and manage your site – or sites – easily on your smartphone for the best in security and instant information. Our team can help you choose the right placement for your cameras and the right storage requirements for your footage. Further, it is important to check if there is any legislation governing what you must have for your business – including camera placemen, storage, and camera resolution.

We can install CCTV with legacy coaxial cabling from previous camera systems. Or you can utilise IP cameras, which give you more flexibility should you need to expand your system during the lockdown time.

Deter would-be criminals and help keep your facility secure with leading CCTV systems.

alarm systems business secure during COVID-19 outbreak

3: Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are a time-honoured security system for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Like cameras, a visible alarm system can be a deterrent for many intruders and would-be criminals. A well-designed alar system, like those from the experts at Eversafe.

Modern alarm systems are easy to control, even from your smartphone. Activate or deactivate your alarms easily from the palm of your hand. Alarm systems can easily communicate alarm events to you over the 4G network or NBN. Using 4G GPRS is the highest level of security communication we have  as they are dual sim – if, for example, Telstra’s network fails, the system will switch to the Optus network.

Modern alarm systems also provide you with peace of mind through:

  • IP Monitoring
  • Motion detectors
  • Reed switches
  • Hold up or panic buttons
  • Seismic sensors
  • Smoke detectors

A monitored alarm system helps keep you and your business protected from unwanted intruders and criminals. They provide 24/7 protections so no matter where you and your staff are, you know your alarm system is helping keep your site protected.

4: Integrated Solutions to Keep Your Business Secure During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Many companies, like Eversafe, offer integrated solutions to help protect your business, and this is more important than ever to keep your business secure during the COVID-19 outbreak. A comprehensive suite of CCTV cameras, access control, video systems, security alarms and security monitoring provide you with an incredible level of safety.

Integrated security solutions are ideal for warehousing, shipping, and logistics companies who deal with a large number of people, stock consignments, and heavy machinery everyday. During the COVID-19 lockdown, a robust, integrated system is important to help protect your business.

CCTV can provide you with ongoing surveillance to help prevent vandalism, theft, and damage from intruders. No matter the size of your business, an integrated system featuring CCTV can help monitor all incoming and outgoing activity, as well as avoid loss from property damage.

Utilising alarm systems with CCTV allows you to track intruders or the source of a triggered alarm, providing evidence to hand over to authorities. Further, access control allows you to track access to your site, allowing you to pinpoint intrusion sites in the case of a break in.

security monitoring

5: Security Monitoring Alarm & CCTV

During this time of reduced movement and travelling restrictions, security monitoring is incredibly important. Utilising a monitoring service means your site is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A monitored alarm system gives the business owner peace of mind by offering protection in critical events. In the case of Eversafe’s leading Australian monitoring centre, our incident response time is less than half an hour. Our centre is manned by experience professionals, 24/7, to ensure you are alerted as soon as possible.

When an alarm is triggered, our centre will call your premises to ensure this is not a false alarm. If this fails, we contact you via your chosen contact list. We can then send a patrol car to your premises or alert authorities, as you request. In the case where you may have CCTV monitoring the control room will login to your Surveillance System prior to calling you at ungodly hours. If nothing untoward has happened , they won’t bother you at all.

During these uncertain times it is more important than ever to protect your business. Safeguard your livelihood, your employees and yourself with Australia’s leading security solutions. Keep your business secure during the COVID-19 outbreak by calling Eversafe today on 900 10 90 or email