Eversafe is now CM3 Certified!

CM3 Certification

Why is Being CM3 Certified Good for our Customers?

Eversafe is CM3 Certified. By achieving CM3 prequalification, gives Eversafe Australia clients assurance, that health & safety management has been assessed by third party professionals.

The CM3 Work Health & Safety prequalification system demonstrates to current and potential customers, that we have the correct insurances as well as comprehensive assessment of our safety systems.

CM3 is Australia’s leading OHS/WHS prequalification system. The development of the CM3 certification gives you confidence that we have health and safety systems in place. It also gives you peace of mind that we maintain our systems and processes for working safely.

If you need a company that is not only professional in the installation of securing Australian businesses, call a company that considers the safety of everyone concerned of paramount importance.

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