Don’t underestimate the value of having a ‘well-secured’ building!

If you are a person who manages security for body corporates, whether office buildings, apartment building security or gated communities, you need to consider the security of your owners’ property and its tenants or residents. This includes considering the common security problems of these properties.

Some of the most common security problems that body corporates face include:

  • property theft
  • graffiti
  • dumping of rubbish
  • property damage
  • unauthorised access

These issues can be a nightmare for any property owner or body corporate manager when an event like this happens. They must investigate what happened, who may have committed the offence and resolve the situation.

This costs time and money and can be very problematic for the individuals involved when things go wrong. The value of having a well secured building can be beneficial for everyone. It also enhances the comfort and security for the tenant in the property. To prevent problematic issues in the future, we recommend the following:


Video surveillance will deter thieves from stealing from the property and should something happen. It’s also an easy process to provide evidence to the police and insurance companies.


Grafitti is one of the most common security problems. If your business is prone to a graffiti attack, you can identify the perpetrators with a video surveillance system. From there, it’s an easy process to provide evidence to the police and insurance companies.

Dumping Rubbish

Whilst it’s a common problem, the goal is to find out if it’s someone from the property or an outsider who is dumping the rubbish.

Personal Safety – One of the Most Common Security Problems

Many office and residential tenants are now demanding buildings that feature security systems designed to enhance their personal safety. The value of CCTV Security and Access Control will also reduce the cost by allowing you to better manage the operations of a building, car park and all hidden entry points of the premises. It can prevent offenders from stealing your customers’ property, avoid property damage and, in the long run, will save your customers a lot of money.

There are many security options available in the market but choosing the right one can be difficult. You can arrange a free consultation with our service manager, and he will find the right security solution for your business.