Access Control Systems

Access Control systems allow you to track who has access on your property and who is currently onsite. Access Control Systems also allows you to streamline and automate your visitor management system. They can be integrated into a system such as Integriti by Inner Range. Whether you use swipe cards fobs Bluetooth or biometric credentials they all enhance your security and prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing your site. You can track hours spent on site in real time and generate reports for time and attendance as well as knowing who is on site during emergencies in case you need to evacuate the premises. Access Control Systems are ideal for small and large businesses. They are cost-effective while still allowing you to control access to different areas of your site. You can restrict areas based on access levels and schedules and help decrease security risks. We can integrate your Access control systems with Alarm, CCTV and Fire systems to create a complete BMS (Building Management System).

swipe card access control systems

Points of Consideration:

No two businesses are the same. At Eversafe we take a customised approach that will work for your business and commercial property. When designing a system for your premises some of the points of consideration are:

  • What doors you need to control.
  • Credential types, whether you require swipe cards, fobs, Bluetooth or Biometric.
  • Permission Groups: an example of a permission group is Warehouse Staff, which are a group of people that are only allowed to access the warehouse.
  • Door schedules: times of the day people are allowed to access your site or ther area. ie. Admin staff can only access the office between 9am to 5pm excepting public hoilidays.
  • Integration types, whether you need your system to integrate with a Fire System so if there is a fire, the FIP (Fire Indicator Panel) will override your access control system allowing the occupants to evacuate.

fob access control systems

Security Credentials:

Access control relies on a security credentials that grant you access through your doors. The following will vary in price and level of security that you may require:

  • Swipe cards – whereby you use a credit card sized card.
  • Proximity Fobs – generally quite small and will go on a keyring.
  • Bluetooth Readers – whereby you use your mobile phone to access the premises instead of a card or fob.
  • Biometric Readers – whereby you use a fingerprint and is highly secure as no 2 fingerprints are the same.
  • Facial Recognition Readers – These may take into consideration your facial features or just Iris scanning instead.

Despite their different names and configurations, their functions are the same. It just depends on what level of security you require and what your budget is.

Building Types:

Some of the locations or building types that we use access control systems are:

  • Office buildings: entry and exit points
  • Elevators: allow access to the appropriate floor level only. Ideal for multi tenanted buildings
  • Hotels: allow access to the appropriate floor level and room only.
  • Parking Garages: program access to a time limit or schedule.
  • Schools: control what classrooms teachers have access too.


There are many brands of access control systems on the market today. At Eversafe we recommend Inner Range. Inner Range have been manufacturing access control systems in Australia since 1989.

Inner Range has offices in Europe and the USA and has been installed in many countries around the world. It is a product of the highest quality and standard.

For a tailored security solution that suits your business’ needs, call Eversafe today on 03 900 10 900 (option 2) or email us at