Today the smart phone, thanks to the innovation taking place in this division, is not only restricted for voice services. Smart phones can perform complex activities like online transactions and other commercial applications.

Due to the fact that smart phones carry a significant amount of sensitive information in them, users should take extra measures to protect their smart phones from possible misuse such as identity theft or stalking. Most smart phones today, especially iOS and Android platforms contain everything a stalker needs to keep a track of you.

One of the primary ways potential stalkers can track you via your smart phone is via social engineering, which is obviously not rocket science. It is very likely you will give away your personal information or access to your smart phone to someone you trust. And if that person so desired, he or she can easily track where you are and what you’re doing.

Another way stalkers gain access to your smart phone is by stealing its information. They install tracking software or malware which is then used to download your address book, or even track your location on a map.

Who steals your data?

Cyber criminals steal your financial information for your money, and your personal information to harass or even stalk you. They can snoop via public Wi-Fi networks when you connect to them at Cafes or airports. Another popular way of snooping is GeoTagging, where smart devices use its built-in GPS capability to show the exact location from where you took the photos.

Advertisers make use of installed “apps” on your smart phone to collect your personal info. Basically, advertisers pay app developers to embed their code into the app, which then collects data from the smart phone and transmits this data back to the advertiser.

Privacy issues

Users are spending more time on their smart phones and the apps that run on them. There are a billion apps in both iOS app store and android play store in addition anyone can create an app today. An app can easily collect all sorts of information and pass this information onto advertisers. Apps infected with malware can easily provide access to stalkers that shows your whereabouts.

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