There is a misconception about CCTV camera installation that anyone can do it. Inexpensive ‘do-it-yourself’ (DIY) camera kits are easily available from retailers and online. This availability of DIY CCTV camera kits has encouraged many buyers to install surveillance systems themselves, instead of hiring a professional installation company. Unfortunately, having effective equipment but not having it installed correctly will give you a poor overall performance.

A recent study stated that 98% of service calls are due to problems with CCTV installation. The truth is that a DIY CCTV solution will never deliver the same quality as a professionally installed system. Using a Do-It-Yourself solution may place cameras incorrectly, provide an incorrect view or deliver low quality footage. In addition, these products are often not supported by a local business, which means that there will no after sales support.

The main challenge is that CCTV is an important part of your home security system, and it needs to be installed correctly for it to have any effect. Inexpensive products, unprofessional installations and lack of after-sales support will all compromise the integrity of your home security system, which in turn will end up costing you more.

CCTV systems require careful planning and design to determine your needs in order to derive the most suitable solution to meet your individual requirements. The failure to seek expert help may lead to selecting a camera system that is inadequate for your needs.

Planning and design provide you with an overview of the entire CCTV infrastructure, such as appropriate positions for the surveillance cameras, the wiring and the video recording system. A professional installation company will ensure that you get a CCTV camera system that not only meets your requirements, but also fits your budget.

Keep your house and/or workplace properly secured and protected by hiring a professional CCTV installation company. Steer clear of purchasing a system that you cannot install or use efficiently. Call the team at Eversafe on (03) 900 10 900 to obtain a free quote or helpful advice on choosing the best CCTV security camera to cater for your specific needs and budget.