When choosing a commercial alarm system solution provider you need to find an installer who uses the latest technology and knows how to customize a solution that is right for the premises.  Through experience in installing Commercial Alarm Systems, providers can utilize advanced detection in the most efficient manner to ensure your businesses integrity and the safety of visitors on site.

Ensure the safety of visitors and assets with a Commercial alarm system

Commercial alarm systems are a great way to restrict the times of day that employees and visitors can access the various parts of your premises, such as particularly sensitive floors and rooms of the office or factory.  You can easily grant visitors temporary access with a preset expiration date and time.

CCTV is another critical part of a comprehensive commercial alarm system as it offers real-time footage of your workers and visitors and is a proven deterrent of antisocial and inappropriate workplace behaviour, which results in higher productivity and a feeling of safety among persons on the premises.

Take control of access to your premises with Commercial Alarm Systems

Commercial alarm systems help business owners and managers monitor onsite activity via swipe cards, key pad access, real time and real time CCTV footage which is all accessible anywhere in the world through access control technology.  A major advantage to this is that an individual’s access to any entrance points can be granted or revoked easily through smart phone applications.

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