CCTV cameras can provide real time footage, so when trouble occurs monitors can respond accordingly. With CCTV you can be assured that crime against people, theft and vandalism to your premises are all covered and minimized (through the deterrent effects of CCTV being in place). With CCTV you can secure the most vulnerable and sensitive areas of the premises.

CCTV can be integrated with other features of security systems for added control, safety and convenience features. Through CCTV combined with access control technology you can control who is entering your premises as well as when and where.

Access control can help you protect employees, visitors, property and sensitive information.  All of which contributes to a safer working environment. It can also simplify time sheet procedures and help prevent fraud.

CCTV Benefits for staff management

  • CCTV can effectively monitor employee and visitor movements within and outside your premises
  • CCTV can be used to identify safety issues and employees needs
  • CCTV helps in observing good and bad practices
  • CCTV can protect against fraudulent compensation claims

CCTV has demonstrated effectiveness

CCTV is one of the most effective parts in a security management and loss preventions system. It has been confirmed that having very noticeable cameras that cover vulnerable areas of your premises, reduces the opportunity to commit crime, both from external and internal sources.

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