Santa isn’t the only person looking to visit our homes in the wee hours of the night – the holiday season is also a prime time for burglars.

Christmas time is a busy time in Australia. People usually leave their homes unattended for longer periods of time than normal. Everybody’s out shopping for food, buying Christmas presents, visiting families and even taking a holiday. Unfortunately for us, intruders see this busy time as a perfect opportunity to find something valuable by breaking into an unsuspecting home. According to a report by the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC), break-ins are one of the most common crimes in Australia with around 335,700 burglaries recorded annually. It should be understood that although nothing in this world is completely secure, you can greatly reduce the risk to you and your family by taking a few necessary measures.

Within the world of security, appearance plays an important role as a good deterrence. When it comes to your home environment, make sure you remember the basics such as keeping your windows and doors locked. This may seem obvious, but sometimes the holiday cheer can make people a bit more relaxed about the primary line of defense against intruders, i.e. locks.

The second line of defense is a home security system. If your house is the only one on the street without a home security system, you automatically make yourself an easy target. Think like a burglar. On a street of 30 houses where all the houses except for one or two have a home security system, would you try and break into the secured houses or go for the few that are unprotected? The answer is very obvious. Therefore, it is ALWAYS advisable to get an effective home security system installed, especially at this time of year. Consult with a company who will carry out a security survey and assessment of your home and then install exactly what you require.

Without a doubt, a home security system is all you need for Christmas! But how do you know which one best suits your requirements? How do you assess how much surveillance is required to provide you with peace of mind? Eversafe can help you find the best solution. Call the team at Eversafe on (03) 900 10 900 to understand more about how we can protect your home. Until next time, enjoy your Christmas celebrations.