Most of us are familiar with traditional basic alarm systems that are commonly seen in workplaces, apartments, offices and factories and have considered whether it is worth investing in a home alarm system.  The first step when looking into home alarm systems is to do an evaluation of the property to determine the most vulnerable areas.

Have your property evaluated to ensure Home alarm system effectiveness

With a comprehensive evaluation you can be sure that sensors and cameras are going to be positioned to fully protect the house, covering all entries points (such as windows) and otherwise vulnerable areas. Alarm motion detection sensors can be either microwave which sends out pulses to detect intruder movement or conventional infrared which senses body heat.

Expanding on conventional Home alarm systems

Modern home alarm systems are becoming more advanced and can be integrated with other security solutions such as CCTV and Access Control Systems.  With wireless technology you can have uninterrupted, 24 hour remote monitoring capabilities via Smartphone or an elected IP system.  Unlike alarm systems which are connected via phone line, wireless security systems cannot be cut are not vulnerable to tampering, so you can trust that it will operate uninterrupted during an emergency.

Home alarm systems are perfect for people with busy Melbourne lifestyles, who need to have their house protected while they are vacant and enjoy having convenient control over their home security.

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