In today’s society, it is an unfortunate reality that security and safety are at the forefront of most people’s minds.

This holds true even more for parents and schools when it comes to protecting the safety of our children at school. It is very common now for both primary and secondary schools to have security surveillance systems installed in the schools grounds to improve the safety for children.

If your school has not yet installed a security system, then your first step is to understand the pros and cons. By becoming more informed of the advantages and disadvantages, you make the decision to install or not to install so much easier.

  • Monitoring of bullying
  • Monitoring truancy
  • Monitoring of unauthorised intruders into the school (day and evening)
  • Reassurance and peace of mind for parents of their child’s safety
  • Monitoring and protection of equipment, vehicles and property
  • Monitoring of student punctuality
  • Providing a safe environment for students which is a pleasant place to learn and study
  • Constant monitoring remote entrances into site/school buildings
  • Monitoring and surveillance of busy corridor areas
  • Record and surveillance of entry for management purposes and to show who was present at time any damage has taken place