Visitor Management Systems

VisitUs Reception – Visitor Management Made Smarter from VisitUs Reception on Vimeo.

As the modern office setting progresses into the future, reception desks are becoming a thing of the past. In place of a headset wearing human with a smile, you will now find your receptionist is an iPad instead. Not as friendly I know, but as every business is burdened with compliance issues, Visitor Management Systems are fast becoming the modern day receptionist.

What are the Features of Visitor Management Systems?

Believe it or not Visitor Management Systems have many valuable features. Some of which are:

Firstly being able to automatically sign in visitors, contractors and staff.

Once they sign in, the Visitor Management system will also notify the hosts of their arrival.

Visitor Management Systems IDYour system can also display important documents for Work Health & Safety during the sign in and ensure contractors have the appropriate licences to perform their tasks.

Once your visitor has completed the sign in process, the Visitor Management System will print out a Visitors ID badge. This proves your visitor has authorisation to be onsite. A Visitor Management System can also send notifications through to visitors in an emergency. It can also let them know if they need to evacuate the premises.

A Visitor Management System should be your first line of defense in all office or business environments.

So if you are still using archaic paper based sign in registers and need to systemise your Visitor Management, call the experts in Visitor Management. Call Eversafe today on 03 900 10 900 or email us at