Visitor Management System Melbourne

Looking for the most secure visitor management system in Melbourne?

VisitUs Reception is a modern and beautifully designed IOS app and web dashboard that will transform the way your business welcomes visitors. This visitor management systems improves your visitors’ first impression by welcoming them with a branded reception tool that is a breeze to use.


Preregister important guests and even have their visitor pass ready before arrival for a complete ‘no touch’ visitor experience.

VisitUs Reception can sign in visitors, contractors and staff within seconds using either the iPad app or online dashboard. It can even send automatic ‘host notifications’ when visitors arrive. Add photos and department details to give an inviting and warm welcome.

Offline mode

If for any reason your iPad loses internet connectivity, VisitUs Reception automatically enables offline mode.

As a result, visitors and staff can continue to sign-in and out of your site with no interruption.

As soon as your internet connection reconnects, all of your visitor information uploads to the dashboard in seconds.


Display NDA’s, evacuation procedures or other important information that you would like your visitors to view as part of the sign in process.

Print passes including information on their visit and your own logo. These fit perfectly onto a standard lanyard or stuck directly onto clothing.

Know who is signed in at any moment by viewing live details from the online dashboard.

You can also access this from phone, tablet, laptop or computer anywhere in the world.

At the press of a button, a list of all signed-in visitors and staff can be sent to designated fire wardens.


The unique search and filtering ability allows you to create custom in-depth reports Use these reports to stay in contact with visitors, analyse office utilisation and plan resources for busy periods.

With the option to include additional fields when signing in, and gather reports on specific information relevant to your business.

Data security

All data transfers between the iPad and dashboard are fully encrypted using an SSL certificate that is updated every 90 days

VisitUS stores your data on a cloud server hosted by leading cloud computing company DreamHost.

A dedicated DreamHost virtual private server runs the VisitUs application with a 100% uptime. In the unlikely event of maintenance or downtime customers will be given advance warning. Backups are taken daily and stored on a secured Amazon AWS server.

All data is stored indefinitely while your account is valid. If you decide to cancel your account, we will delete the data after 30 days.

Mobile visitor management

A mobile app further improves the sign in process and empowers your staff to easily manage their visitors.

Features include:

  • Instant push notification when a visitor arrives
  • Pre Register visitors
  • Update your picture
  • Sign out visitors
  • Evacuation notifications
  • View visitor history

The App is free to download and is available for both iOS and Android. Every subscription or free trial also includes the app.


All you need is an iPad runnin OS9 or newer to start with Visit Us Reception. We also often find that the larger the screen the bigger the impact, as visitors will love the crystal clear display of a retina iPad.

iPad enclosures not only offer you greater security for your device, they also enhance the appearance of your reception area.

Key features

  • Sign in visitors, contractors and staff
  • Sign out with a QR code, quick pin, email or through the dashboard
  • Add company branding to customise the app
  • Display important documents during sign in
  • Pre register visitors
  • Notify hosts when their visitor arrives
  • Print passes that fit perfectly inside a lanyard
  • Know who is on-site at any time in the event of an evacuation
  • Create custom reports.
  • Use in multiple locations under one subscription
  • Works ‘Off-line’ when wifi is unavailable
  • Supported by new ‘Host’ Mobile App
  • SMS bundles available
  • Active Directory Sync
  • Parcel delivery alerts
  • Multilingual facility
  • ‘I am Safe’ online evacuation feature


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