Dahua DVR Mass Backup Guide

Mass Backup guide (Dahua DVR)


“Mass Backup guide (Dahua DVR)” – Video Transcript

0:02 : Hi, I’m Paul from Eversafe
0:03 : and today I am going to show you have to do a full backup of data from your
0:07 : Dahua DVR.
0:07 : Most of the time you will just search for a few files
0:11 : but there are some cases where
0:14 : customers of ours prefer to do a mass-backup.
0:20 : So all you do is right click on the mouse, left click on ‘main menu’
0:24 : and the backup icon is just there so you just click on backup.
0:30 : I’ve already got the USB stick
0:33 : in the front of the DVR, it’s seeing it there, then we just choose
0:38 : backup and we put the date that we need –
0:47 : day, month and year – then we put the time that we’re after
0:51 : so we want to back up all the footage
0:55 : between say 9 and say now.
1:01 : Then we just select, we need to select all the cameras we want to back up from.
1:05 : In this case we’re just going to ‘select
1:07 : all’ and then we just click
1:10 : ‘add’ and all the footage
1:14 : that’s stored between 9 and 10 o’clock is showing up here,
1:17 : and then we just click ‘Start’. Now it’s going to tell me that we’ve not enough space,
1:24 : we’re only got a small USB stick in there
1:25 : so what we are going to do is remove a couple of files,
1:28 : or the whole lot. We go back to ‘camera one’
1:32 : and we’re going to add, so that’s going to
1:35 : back up in the footage between 9 and 10 o’clock
1:39 : and we go to ‘camera two’ and we are going to ‘add’
1:43 : so OK we’ve got
1:47 : all the footage between 9 and 10 o’clock for ‘cameras 1’ and ‘cameras 2’
1:51 : and we’ve got 5 Gig of data, 5.19 Gig,
1:56 : on the USB stick so that’s less than the capacity of the USB stick
2:01 : so we should be OK to back that up now. And if you need to store more data
2:07 : than what your USB stick is capable of you can just connect a USB
2:11 : hard drive and
2:13 : do a mass back up to the USB hard drive.

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