How to use the Dahua DVR system

“How to use our Dahua DVR system” – Video Transcript

0:01 – Hi I’m Paul from Eversafe and today I’m going to demonstrate for you

0:04 – how to use the Dahua DVR.

0:08 – First of all you just grab your mouse, you right click on the mouse that brings up the

0:14 – menu system. You can select camera one,

0:18 – camera two,

0:21 – camera four, or

0:24 – as many cameras as you need or you can actually get different views.

0:28 – Cameras one to four, cameras five to eight.

0:33 – We don’t have any cameras on there but this gives you an idea of what you can do it and

0:37 – then you just right-click

0:38 – and then go back to normal screen – camera’s one to four on this system.

0:42 – The most common thing that has to be done on a DVR is to search back through footage

0:46 – so I just click on Search, it’s asking for username and password.

0:51 – The factory password is

0:54 – six eights so I just left click with your mouse

0:59 – and brings up a virtual keyboard so  I just click

1:02 – 888888′ and then ‘enter’ and ‘OK’

1:06 – and that brings up the search

1:11 – interface. We’ve only got one days recording here so you just select the day, and

1:15 – you can go to the timeline down here and it goes from zero to 2400 hours

1:21 – so here we can look at ten o’clock so we just click

1:25 – ten o’clock and each line represents a camera

1:28 – and that’s when we were setting up for a demonstration.

1:33 – Now if you want to back up this footage to USB

1:38 – for the police so or just to archive

1:41 – I just got out to this icon here, it’s a file list, so you click on there

1:46 – and it brings up your files.

1:50 – Sometimes this can be all full if there’s been a lot of activity

1:54 – and we actually want to

1:58 – back up this file here at ten o’clock so we just left click on there,

2:02 – see how there’s a tick there, and then we just got down to the

2:07 – ‘save’ icon – the little floppy disk icon there –

2:11 – so you just click in there, brings up the backup screen.

2:15 – we need to put a USB stick in the DVR. Make sure the

2:20 – USB stick is in the front of the DVR actually before you

2:24 – start looking for your footage because otherwise

2:28 – the DVR wont recognise the USB stick because it hasn’t come up there

2:32 – so what we need to do go back out,

2:36 – choose that file again,

2:39 – click ‘save’ again and now it sees the USB stick.

2:43 – Now what we do is click ‘start’ and as you can see

2:48 – is going to back up. Because it’s in a hours worth of footage it’s going to take

2:52 – a few minutes to back up.