For many centuries, owners of commercial establishments and residences used peepholes to see who was at their doors. Some were simple holes or rectangular openings that could be slid open and shut from the inside. Others were small-sized holes fitted with fisheye lenses that allowed you to have a wider field of view when checking who was outside.

In this day and age of modern computers and rapid technological advances, peepholes are still used in some homes and even business establishments. Hotels have them, as well as offices. Typically, such openings are found within the premises and quite rarely on external portions of commercial buildings – which shows the changing nature of business security.

How about your own house, office, or shop? How do you know who is at the door? How do you know whether the person knocking at your doorstep should be welcomed inside your premises?

If you value security and safety, you should consider installing a video intercom in your residence or business establishment. Although there are certain times where you can do without one, there are those where the installation of one is a must:

If you sell jewellery, antiques, and other highly valuable merchandise

Some shops make their precious wares available only to selected cliental and allow their products to be viewed  by appointment only. These restrictions are put in place understandably to reduce the risks of theft and other similar offences.

If you operate in a similar way, a video intercom can perfectly complement your system. Add in CCTVs to the arrangement to enhance your security further still.

If you are in the pawnshop trade, as well as in banking and lending

Cold cash is a very valuable asset and is also highly attractive to burglars and others with criminal intentions. Deter them and keep them from affecting your trade by installing a doorphone that allows you to see those who is seeking to enter your establishment. A doorphone can also be used to screen out suspicious characters.

If your home has a significant floor space and lawn area.

It is difficult and time-consuming to keep moving to and from your residential entrance  to confirm the identity of those who are knocking on your door and attend to them. An intercom that provides a video and audio feed cuts your time in half and helps you manage visitors efficiently and conveniently.

If you are in a neighbourhood that has a moderate to high incidence of crime.

Do not wait until your home becomes part of the crime statistics for burglary or forced entry. Be proactive by installing a video intercom that prevents you from unwillingly allowing a perpetrator enter into your house or establishment.

If your profession exposes you to security risks and requires a high level of confidentiality or privacy.

Are you an executive in a company or do you handle highly sensitive information or valuable assets for a living? Are you a public figure? Keep fraudsters, con artists, and unethical information gatherers from reaching your inner sanctum, whether at home or at the office, by having their identities verified at the door.

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