benefits of home alarm systemsIf you have been asking yourself if its time to install a home alarm system, it is worth considering the benefits and protection it will bring to your property.  A house is an expensive investment you keep it and your family safe.  Home invasion crime rates are at their highest in 10 years – a frightening statistic is that in 12% of cases the occupant is confronted by the intruder.  Another interesting proven statistic is that a home security system can deter 90% of these distressing, costly and potentially life threatening incidents.

What areas and points on my property benefit from a home alarm system?

The environment around your home The first point of entry into your home are typically your front and back gates.  An Eversafe home security system can provide an early warning when intruders are attempting entry during the night or when you are away and are still able to function effectively during bad weather and poor lighting conditions.

Doors and windows – A home with multiple points of potential forceful entry such as windows and exterior sliding glass doors should consider a home alarm system that can detect the breaking of glass or the vibration of an attempted forceful entry.

Interior protection – The most important area of your home to protect is the interior.  You never know when an emergency or break in might occur; Eversafe Camera Packages and CCTV provide a high level of security and act as an important visual deterrent in their own right to both intruders and trespassers. Eversafe is committed to providing you with state-of-the-art monitored security tailored to suite your home.

What can an Eversafe home alarm system do for my peace of mind?

Your investment in your security for your home, business and organisation will mean you can be rest assured 24 hours, 7 days a week that you are protecting yourself, your family and your assets from crime. Eversafe has the experience, expertise and extensive range of technology to provide you and your business with the cost effective Security Service that you would expect from a world leader in security.   For a no obligation security appraisal of your home call Eversafe on Melbourne local call (03) 900 10 900 TODAY