It’s that time of year when bush fires are at the forefront of every Australian’s mind – especially if you live in a region that is known to be at risk. We all know that bush fires are serious and can have catastrophic effects on our neighbourhood and property; and with The Age recently reporting “high” and “very high” danger warnings for the Victorian region – knowing what to do to protect your home and having a survival plan in place is essential. Here we give you our top 10 tips to reduce your home’s risk during the bush fire season:

1. Mow the lawn: Keep it short – ideally no more than 10cm long.

2. Clean up the outside: Clear dry leaves, etc.; de-clutter and move everything inside or at least 20m away from your house. You don’t want to add any fuel to a fire.

3. Check roof and gutters: Clear debris, check for any gaps in your roof and wall cladding and seal them up.

4. Cut back vegetation: Any vegetation (shrubs, trees) within a 10m radius of your home should be cut back.

5. No large/tall shrubs around windows: Any embers or stray flames will latch on to these and they will guide the fire straight into your home.

6. Store flammable liquids/gas: This includes paints, solvents and LPG gas cylinders. Flammables + fire = potential explosions.

7. Keep your pool topped up: Pool water is a great source of water for both you and the Fire Services, and can also act as a barrier – so don’t empty it.

8. Get a LONG hose: You may already have one, but to be of any real value, it will need to be able to extend around the circumference of your property. If one hose isn’t long enough – buy two.

9. Keep embers out: Embers are loosely floating fragments that can catch alight quickly. Install metal fly wire mesh on all windows and vents; and get an ember protection screen on air conditioners.

10. Consider installing home security: CCTV and a good alarm system can alert you early on – and if you have to evacuate, having a remote access to your CCTV can help you keep tabs on your home in your absence.

For further information and a complete checklist, check the DFES website.

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