Christmas time is a favourite time for burglars – with expensive presents neatly tucked under the Christmas tree, homeowners out visiting families, people undertaking last minute shopping, homes become a treasure island for thieves. With this in mind, the experts at Eversafe have come up with some advice to keep the Grinch at bay this Christmas:

1. Window Shopping

It is always nice to see gifts neatly placed under the Christmas tree, but if the tree is near a window, the gifts offer a tempting invitation for burglars. An opportunist who spots gifts under the Christmas tree through a bay window will only take 60 seconds to complete a smash-and-grab.


Keep expensive gifts out of sight from windows. Do not allow thieves to ‘window shop’ this Christmas.

2. Visitors to your home

Friendly businessmen with briefcases and charity collectors who approach your door may seem genuine. But there have been incidents where shady individuals use amateur dramatics to take the opportunity to scope out your home’s security.


Eversafe recommends Video Intercoms and Door Entry Systems that help you view and speak to the visitors before you allow them into your home.

3. Protect your identity

In addition to cash and electrical goods, Christmas burglars look for bank statements, credit cards, passports, driving licenses and so on. These documents are used to steal or clone your identity.


Keep valuables and sensitive information in a home safe that is bolted securely to the wall.

4. Set the alarm

Who doesn’t love a holiday during Christmas? While you are away from home, let your alarm system protect your home from potential burglars and alert your neighbours in the event of a break-in.


Eversafe can install a home alarm system that not only acts as a good deterrence but also prevents the likelihood of a break-in and theft from your property.

When it comes to your home security, it is crucial that you don’t cut corners! Follow these simple tips and you can protect your home and family over the festive period. From everyone at Eversafe have a safe and Merry Christmas!