CCTV Encourages your workers to conduct themselves professionally

CCTV is a great way to improve employee’s productivity, increase safety and maintain that they are behaving appropriately.   CCTV Systems are a very effective deterrent against inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.  Having CCTV cameras visible throughout the premises will make your employees and visitors feel safer and will remind them that they must behave appropriately.

CCTV is an effective deterrent against workplace bullying

Workplace bullying is a serious threat to worker health, safety and their productivity.  If left unchecked it can lead to reduced profitability, high absenteeism, low morale and high staff turnover – luckily CCTV can help.  With a CCTV system monitoring employees, they will feel more secure knowing that if an incident where to occur, it would be recorded and the perpetrators would be dealt with.

How can workplace bulling risks be minimized with CCTV?

With a CCTV system in place in our premises, you can use a four stage process to minimize the risks of workplace bullying.

  1. Identify inappropriate behaviours – Establish whether workplace bullying exists in your workplace or if there is a potential for it to occur, listen to your employees closely and monitor CCTV footage
  2. Assess the risks – Consult those affected by workplace bullying and determine how it originated, watch CCTV recordings to confirm suspicions.
  3. 3.     Take action to minimize risk and resolve issues– Develop and implement strategies to minimize and control the risks, implement them and monitor the results via CCTV
  4. Evaluate and review that the problem is addressed – Evaluate the strategies and plans that have been implemented to deter and resolve incidents of workplace bullying

CCTV Lowers insurance costs and legal risks

There is also a great risk of lawsuits against business operators who do not take appropriate actions to prevent and deal with incidents of workplace bullying or sexual harassment.  People are far less likely to make unwanted advances while knowing they are being constantly watched on CCTV and their actions are recorded.

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