The door is not the only place in your work premises that you should keep an eye on. There are other points of entry and targets that may not be immediately obvious to you. Not only that, perpetrators don’t always come from the outside – it is highly possible you are actually working with those that pose a serious security threat to your business.

As such, it is important to secure all areas that are vulnerable to both external and internal security risks. To do so, you need to identify which aspects of your office are most likely to be targeted by infiltrators.

Your Desk

If you are the CEO, business owner, manager, supervisor, or holding some other top-level position in your company, it is important to secure highly sensitive and confidential documents and other essential items in your work area. You would not want to lose important data that may be used against you or your company. You also would not want the competition to be in the know regarding your future plans and corporate strategies, nor would you want to lose high-value physical assets that may be found in your room.

Your Records and Server Room

This is where essential corporate data may be found. To prevent information or identity theft, as well as illegal access to your network, you should have these areas monitored via security surveillance cameras and installed with an efficient business alarm system.

Your Supplies Storage Area

Keep your company from losing money over discrepancies in product inventory. You should also prevent staff from taking advantage or misusing your office supplies, as frequent replacements or requests for replenishment will add to your overhead expenses and diminish your profitability to a certain degree.

Your IT Room

This is a critical area because it is here that digital information is managed and stored in certain circumstances. Prevent security risks before they become unfavourable scenarios by monitoring the activities in this area of your office and acting immediately once you notice anything suspicious going on.

Your Office’s Entrances and Various Openings

Of course, these aspects will always need security systems comprised of CCTV cameras, business alarms, and other devices so that you know who is coming into your establishment and who has gone out. You must see to it that you have the windows, doorways, fire-exits, exhausts, stairwells, and other possible points of entry covered by surveillance devices and alarms.

How many vulnerable areas does your own office have? Are they secure and protected?

Start improving business security by evaluating your current system and assessing whether it needs to be upgraded. You can do this with the assistance of an expert without having to pay for such a service.

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