There are approximately 2,800 nursing homes in Australia and growing, 30% to 40% of which have been cited for neglect and abuse. Surprisingly, most families are unaware about the occurrence of this abuse because nursing home patients are unable to communicate to their loved ones due to embarrassment, or fear of retribution.

Families driven by suspecting abuse or neglect have turned to video surveillance system to identify and record abuse. In addition to providing elderly patient families with evidence, the use of video also captures caregivers stealing money, and violation of inappropriate behavior. Adopting this legislation of allowing the cameras in nursing homes will be a positive step towards the prevention of elderly abuse, and will provide families with access to real time video footage.

It has been proven that the use of video surveillance cameras has successfully deterred crime in public areas such as hospitals, shopping malls, schools, government buildings, to name a few places. Below we have described the potential benefits of video surveillance in more detail.

Reduced Fear of Crime

Many studies have tried to determine if the presence of cameras in public areas such as corridors etc provides an added safety benefit to residents.  Although the findings are mixed, it generally shows a reduction in the level of fear of crime amongst people in CCTV areas.

Assistance for Police Investigations

Apart from CCTV cameras having a significant role in crime prevention, they also make a contribution to detection. The footage from these cameras provides assistance with an offender’s conviction. Camera footage can also help identify potential witnesses who are hesitant to come forward to the police. The potential to aid in police investigations may also drive offenders away from committing crimes as they are at a higher risk of being caught and charged.

Area Management

Video surveillance can be used for general area management. CCTV systems in the Nursing Home help track wandering patients both inside the building and outside as they leave.

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