Last week, we talked about Eversafe’s very own Paul Mase appearing on A Current Affair and explaining the role CCTV cameras play in ensuring home security.

This week, we’ll continue on that theme and talk about security surveillance cameras. This time, the focus will be on the monitoring features of the devices and their unfailing capacity to record footage of any event that takes place in front of their lenses.

A CCTV camera has no bias – it will record any activity within its scope of vision, regardless of who is involved and what is happening.

Human eyes, on the other hand, may blink occasionally or even close for a few seconds or for a couple of minutes when overcome by drowsiness. Their owners may also choose to shut them or turn away from an unfavourable scene.

Other than that, one can also choose to interpret the activity according to his or her personal biases, as well as certain socio cultural factors.

This however is not the case with security cameras. As such, security cameras can be called “silent observers,” working day and night collecting video evidence of the day’s activities.

Nowadays, these devices can be found almost anywhere in the world – on street posts, in commercial establishments, in schools, in nursing homes, in offices, and even in your own house!

With this, you may wonder what sort of images CCTV cameras around the globe have captured.

– Have they actually been instrumental in the resolution of a wrongdoing?
– Have they been useful to their owners in any way?

Yes they have – in fact, a good number of cases have been aided by essential footage from these devices.

In addition, they have helped many homeowners put their minds at rest as these modern innovations are able to monitor the goings on inside and outside their residences no matter where they are in the world.

Furthermore, CCTV cameras have also been able to record astonishing events – some of which you never have seen or may never see in your lifetime. The privacy, strategic location, and the 24/7 operation of these devices made it possible to document the following unusual activities:

  • Couple on cruise holiday caught falling overboard

As a luxury liner docked at the Sydney harbor, it was discovered that a man and a woman did not disembark the ship at the port. An extensive search and investigation was launched. It was then found through CCTV camera footage that the individuals climbed overboard during the cruise. Why? The reason still remains unknown to this day.

  • Leopard sneaks into house and attacks a pet dog

This odd bit of news was reported last month. The footage showed a wild leopard entering an apartment lobby where a security surveillance camera was present. The big cat encountered a pet dog in the same area, attacking the smaller animal and dragging it outside.

  • Softdrink brand releases CCTV footages from around the world

A softdrink company compiled recordings of unusual and amusing surveillance video recordings, some of which involved random acts of kindness, heroic interventions, humorous antics, and romantic gestures. A particularly notable one showed a man tackling a robber at a convenience store.

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