What’s inside a smart house?

A smart house makes use of the latest technology to manage its various fixtures, appliances, entrances, and security systems. Its central electrical “hub” is smartly wired and can monitor various daily activities. Inside a smart house you will find the controls of its major features, such as heating, lighting, and alarm systems, are centralized and can be adjusted via remote devices.

Is your home a smart one?

You have to admit that daily living these days is vastly different from decades ago. Add in the fluctuations in the economy and changes in society in response to various world events – you cannot expect to march onward in the same rhythm. You have to adapt accordingly while bearing in mind the future as well.

As we move further into the future and through an increasing number of technological advances, it is only logical to make your own residence a place that is suitable for these modern times.  It is also understandable to accommodate evolving lifestyles brought about by new technology and social trends.

As your needs become more sophisticated and threats to domestic safety and security shift , you’ll need to automate your home so you will be able to tackle all those modern needs and changes with efficiency and ease. This may mean enlisting the assistance of security professionals and installing a security system that comes equipped with CCTVs and house alarms that work 24/7 to ensure you are safe, sound, and comfortable.

When investigating home automation, it is important that you thoroughly understand what this modern arrangement is all about so that you will fully appreciate what it can provide for you and your family. Having an understanding will also avoid confusion when consulting a professional about your domestic security needs. With that being said, take a look at some of the most common terminologies used in relation to automating your house.


This refers to the electrical circuitry of your residence. This is usually utilised to send home automation signals to other devices included in the wiring system.


This allows your automation system to go online and facilitates the communication of devices via an Internet connection.


This is a gadget that links two separate networks, hence its name. This is frequently used in houses with two different home automation schemes as it facilitates the connection of both setups.


Will supply information, such as changes in room temperature, to the system in order to prompt a new action.


This refers to the device used to manage fixtures, appliances, and other gadgets included in the automation system. Usually, a single device can control many components. It can be presented in the form of touch screen controls, desktop units, or wall mounted interfaces.

Access Point

This is an instrument that can transform wireless signals into powerline ones. It can also work the other way round.


In other systems, this is called a “macro.” It pertains to programming that allows the operation of many gadgets using just one command.

Do you find these words easy enough to understand? Do not worry about coming across terms that you may not be able to comprehend. A security expert should be able to translate home automation concepts into “layman’s terms” and assist you to make a sound decision regarding improving your domestic security arrangement.

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