Custom Security Solutions for Your Business

We understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to securing your business. Each company has its own unique infrastructure and system so cookie-cutter solutions simply won’t work.

For 16 years, companies in a wide range of industries have trusted us to keep their facilities secure, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These include some of the most recognised brands in Melbourne and the rest of the world, such as McDonald’s, Subway, Priceline Pharmacies, CBRE, and Origin Energy.

Eversafe is Melbourne’s trusted expert when it comes to the safety of the following:

Retail Outlets

With our Electronic Article Surveillance systems, we’re able to help retailers deter theft in a way that’s discreet and free from false alarms.


Guests want to feel safe in hotels at all times. Our combination of solutions such as CCTV and access control system ensures that.


From preventing bullying to preventing trespassing, we offer solutions such as video surveillance, keypad access, and video intercoms.

Fitness Clubs

While CCTVs can monitor the security of health facilities, access control solutions ensure that only authorised people can enter members-only areas.


With many restricted areas in hospitals, it’s essential that only authorised staff can go inside. Swipe cards and badging are just some solutions we have in place.


Parents trust school officials to ensure the safety of their children in school. Video surveillance and access control are just some of the ways we can help do that.


Your house is where you should feel the safest. Video intercoms and CCTVs that you can access anytime, anywhere are a few of the many options you can choose from.

Your Partner in Safety

Creating a custom security solution requires close collaboration between us and our clients. This is why before undertaking a project, we make sure to ask for and assess your needs. From there, we are able to create a system that will help ensure the safety of your premises, your family, your staff, or your clients.

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