With student safety such a concern in our schools today, there is now a growing demand and importance for using school security systems around our schools.

With a growing need to educate our students about safety and security in our schools, it would appear that it just isn’t enough. Admittedly there isn’t one single solution; a digital video school security camera system can supplement other security measures and greatly reduce in-school violence and bullying.

With the social behaviours of our children in today’s society we are seeing events in schools like we have never seen before.  Student bullying is on the rise, while students may bring weapons or drugs in the school grounds.  Keeping an eye on all these activities now require comprehensive school security camera systems.

Digital video school security camera systems like CCTV work by using digital video cameras to capture video (and sound if deemed necessary) in various areas throughout the school area.

Initially the camera setup begins with the school play yard, and covering the outside perimeter of the school property.  Plus each hallway and classroom contains a school security camera so that the entire classroom is within the camera’s field of view.  These types of cameras record continuously and send their digital video signals to a Digital Video Recorder or DVR unit that stores the video files.  The DVR unit and monitor are normally located in the administrative office, security office, or another secure room.

There are several advantages to using school security camera systems.  Some of these include:

  • Violence and crime deterrence – although a school security camera may not be able to stop events from happening, statistics show that the mere presence of security and surveillance video cameras deters students from engaging in such events.
  • Student and teacher security – A school security camera system also deters individuals from outside the school system from entering the school to commit violent or criminal acts.
  • Student behaviour documentation – Unfortunately there are many instances today when a teacher encounters a student with inappropriate behaviour.  Extreme inappropriate behaviour that results in disciplinary action against the student is all too often questioned by the parents, leading to a “”teacher’s word vs. the student’s” situation.  Nothing can be more helpful for the teacher and the student than a video and audio recording that documents the entire situation.
  • School security and surveillance during down-time – Often times schools are not always manned and therefore empty.  A huge building with no one in it provides the perfect setting for acts of vandalism and/or theft.  A school security camera system can provide the school with 24/7 surveillance and document any activity that may be suspicious.

School surveillance and security systems are not limited to secondary or primary schools.  The school surveillance and security systems are used to help protect the children and the teachers not only from criminal or violent acts, but they also can be used to protect the school from wrongful treatment or abuse claims.

School security cameras may not be able to stop acts of crime, violence, or vandalism in progress, but they certainly can deter or prevent it.  If the cameras are being monitored either on-site or by a professional monitoring service, the system can also contribute to stopping an event before it is completed.

Technological advancements have made the school security camera so versatile that it can be used for just about any application.  Eversafe Australia has a variety of security systems to meet your needs, check us out today!