How can you make your school a safe haven for young learners?


This is an important question that every administrator should revisit before opening those doors to welcome pupils to another year of learning. Implementing a variety of safety measures should be backed by information that truly supports the whys of setting the interventions in place. Otherwise, there will be loopholes in the system that still leave children, and even school staff and property, at risk.


To identify the most suitable safety measures for your own academic establishment, you should know the kind of risks that both learners and teachers face while in the premises. To help you determine these, take a look at this list:


  • Material

Theft and damage to property due to fires or violence are some examples of threats that affect the function and quality of a device or tool. These are costly affairs and can also affect staff productivity, as well as quality of service.


  • Environmental

Risks under this category are frequently triggered by natural causes, such as heavy snow, storms, floods, and earthquakes, among others. Although these may be seen as situations that are out of your control, there are ways to minimise their effects and make your school better prepared to respond to such events when they do happen.


  • Physical

This mainly includes security threats that can lead to bodily injuries, such as accidentally bumping into sharp objects, falling down steps or on hard, rough surfaces, or being harmed by a second party. The causes may range from something as simple as a defective door, to something as serious as an intruder.


Considering all the above mentioned risks, you should make an assessment on which ones are most likely to manifest in your school and which ones have lesser chances of occurring. Knowing this helps you determine which interventions to use and prioritise. It also helps you keep your costs within budget, as your solutions are properly directed and planned for.


For example, if you find that the most significant threat in your school involves theft, followed by physical altercations between pupils, you should lay out all the possible solutions that will resolve the primary problem and, at the same, help control or eliminate the secondary one. While, say, having more security personnel certainly can help, such an option could be a costly one.


Why not choose to automate the whole process and install cameras instead?


This way, you will need less people for monitoring. Not only that, you also get to document the activities being observed and use the recordings for future reference.


CCTV cameras can greatly improve the security within your school for the safety of your staff, your students and your property.


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