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Upon entering the Eversafe building you will notice that the front area of the building is well maintained. The signage is modern and proudly displays the company logo and tagline; Everyone – Everywhere – Everyday. Once inside one will notice that the office has a very welcoming atmosphere. The brand colours for the company have been integrated nicely into the furniture and decor. An Eversafe customer demonstration panel, showing a wide variety of the security system product range is in the foyer. It is both well presented and shows the professionalism of the company.

Company owners Paul and Jenny Mase give all clients a warm and friendly welcome. They dress fittingly in Eversafe branded clothing.  Paul and Jenny are supported by a dedicated and experienced team of qualified electricians, maintenance and office support staff. Jenny quite often fondly refers to the electricians as the ‘boys’.  It is clear that all employees of Eversafe are treated as being part of one big family.

Paul and Jenny are committed to providing all customers with exceptional customer service. This is clear in all stages of the sales process; from the time the phone is answered through to when each job has been completed. The team at Eversafe leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring their customers are more than satisfied with the job completed. It is fair to say they go above and beyond expectations. The team also take pride in their referral system with the majority of their customers recommending them to several others. The glowing testimonials appearing on their company website vouch for this https://www.eversafe.com.au/testimonials/

Paul was recently approached by Melbourne’s own A Current Affair (‘ACA’) who wanted a security expert to discuss the matter of identity theft and how people’s mailboxes are being targeted all over the country. Paul appeared on the show and presented CCTV camera footage showing the culprits in action. Paul also demonstrated the various options available for security system installation. If you missed the segment you can watch the video here –https://www.eversafe.com.au/videos/

Eversafe has been keeping Melbourne Businesses and Homes Secure for over a decade. They understand that security requirements change based on the size and complexity of each situation and hence they provide each customer with a customised solution that meets their budgetary requirements. The Eversafe business security systems and home security systems are fully compliant, insured and come backed by a full manufacturer’s warranty. Furthermore their wide range of reliable security products such as CCTV cameras, video surveillance systems, video intercoms, alarm monitoring services and total security integration packages can be discreetly installed and are tailored security solutions to meet each customers’ individual needs.

If you are considering installing a security system or upgrading your existing security system speak to the team at Eversafe today. Eversafe will provide you with a free security assessment and quote. You can call Eversafe on (03) 900 10 900 or fill out the online enquiry form, located on their website www.eversafe.com.au

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