Eversafe July newsletter

Welcome to the July edition of Eversafe Security News. We hope you are enjoying the unusually high temperatures we have been having of late.

The team at Eversafe would like to remind you to ensure you keep your house well protected in the next few weeks for those of you with children on school holidays, and those who are having a midyear break from work. School holidays and the darker months are two of the most optimum times for burglaries to occur. Don’t be fooled into thinking that most burglaries only happen at night. Sometimes taking a day trip or going on a shopping expedition and leaving your house unattended for only several hours can result in either an attempted or successful burglary.

A free security assessment performed by a fully qualified and reputable Eversafe professional can help to identify the weaker points in your home.  The team can also provide handy hints and tips on to how to make your home less susceptible to break ins. Now is also a good time to consider installing a home security system or for those of you who own a business a business security system.  We have a wide range of security systems to suit all budgets. What’s more we provide you with a customised solution, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

To discuss your security needs with the team at Eversafe, call us today on (03) 900 10 900.

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