Why should your school invest in a security system before these summer holidays?

Due to an increase in school violence, school safety has become challenging in Australia. Now that summer holidays are upon us, it is an appropriate time for schools to re-evaluate their buildings and ensure that they provide a safe environment for students upon their return from summer holidays.

Prevent Thefts and Burglaries

As a result of school closures during the summer holidays, the risk of theft and burglaries are increased. The intention of a security system is to prevent criminal behaviour and increase protection for the school premises. Having CCTV security systems installed in a school can help in deterring intruders from entering the premises.

Minimise Vandalism

Vandalism on school properties, especially during summer holidays is a common issue for Australian schools. The installation and use of a security system has been proven to minimise vandalism, either by identifying the perpetrator or deterring such activities from occurring in the first instance.

Monitor problematic issues

During summer holidays, it is uncommon for schools to monitor and keep track of all the activities that take place.  A security system is an easy and effective way for members of staff to monitor and view LIVE footage taken from security cameras. This footage can enable them to take real-time action in notifying law enforcement, in case of emergencies, and other dangerous situations that may occur on the school premises.

Is your school secure? Call the team at Eversafe on (03) 900 10 900 for a free security assessment of your school premises. Eversafe will also provide you with recommendations for how you can protect children and staff.

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