For many years in the past, learning institutions in the Land Down Under have continued carrying out its noble work of shaping minds and future leaders without having to deal with significant disruptions of a violent nature. Australian schools take pride in being safe academic havens for young learners, with international entities like he Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) affirming the exemplary performance of the school system in the country.

In recent years, however, Australian citizens are witnessing the increased frequency of violent events in other parts of the world, particularly in Europe and in the United States. Vivid and jarring stories of children using guns in academic institutions have introduced themselves in the consciousness of Aussies, sparking concerns and fears that the same may happen in their own educational establishments.

As a consequence, there have been calls to examine and make necessary improvements in school security in order to prevent such tragedies from happening in Australian schools. However, some government officials have commented that the institutions “already have well-established and effective security procedures, including lock-outs and lock-downs.” Rather, education authorities are more interested in giving the necessary assistance to kids who show signs and behaviour that will translate into violent action.

In addition to that, some parents, union leaders, and teachers have expressed their confidence in the current system and believe that there is no need to increase security. But despite this, the government allocated $10 million for safety upgrades in at-risk educational institutions as it is taking no chances when it comes to the safety of kids.

Jason Clare, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Justice, emphasised this by saying that “parents have the right to expect their children will be safe at school. That’s why the Federal Government is providing this funding.” The improvements involved may range from the administrative, such as training, to the technical, such as the installation of surveillance devices like CCTVs.

These steps are not without logical basis. In recent years, there have been knifing incidents in certain schools in the country. One involved the stabbing of a 14-year-old girl by a 16-year-old boy, while another ended with the police formally charging a boy aged 11 of attacking a fellow pupil.

Based on these and other cases, it is correct to say that Australia need not worry about gun-based violence in academic institutes. However, the rise in knifing incidents should raise legitimate concerns about school security. It is said that 2008-2009 records of Victoria Police reveal that there has been a 45% increase in arrests involving children aged 10-14 armed with bladed weapons. Did this fact make you feel concerned as well?

If you are a school administrator or are able to implement significant changes in the security of your academic establishment, consider upgrading your premises as a preventive measure. CCTV cameras will help you monitor the goings-on in your school and help you control risks before they even occur.

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