The holiday season in Australia is about to jump into full swing. With all the decorations, parties, shopping and fun this holiday season brings, it is also important to be safe. Like most of us, criminals also love the holiday season – it is the peak time for break-ins, burglaries, or worse. The following home security tips only take a few minutes to review: they are definitely worth the read to secure your home this holiday season.

  1. Think Like a Burglar: Take a walk-around your house and think like a burglar who is trying to find a way in. Look for areas where a burglar might be able to hide, such as overgrown shrubs or trees.
  2. Doors and Windows: The doors and windows are the burglar’s most favorite entry points. Make sure all locks have been installed properly and if possible, use a deadbolt too.
  3. Social Media: “Five days until New Zealand!” is certainly exciting to share on Facebook or Twitter, but an update like this is a clear indication that no one will be home for that period of time. Post pictures from vacations only after you get home from them.
  4. Home Security System: If you have a home security system, use it! If not, get one installed as soon as possible. Having a home security system can deter burglars simply by the sight of CCTV cameras attached to your home.
  5. Lights: Exterior lighting especially the type that are activated by motion are a great deterrent to burglars. Even if you are away from home, it is very easy to control your lights remotely. Many home security systems now come with these capabilities.
  6. Environmental Sensors: Every year people light Christmas candles in their homes, which can be hazards. Environmental sensors in your home can eliminate these concerns by detecting smoke and heat.

Follow these precautions and have a safe and secure holiday season. The team at Eversafe is ready to take action to protect your home, even if you cannot be there. Call us on (03) 900 10 900 to understand more about our security systems and how we can help you protect your home and family.