Do you know how most break-ins are carried out? Are you aware which areas in your house are the most vulnerable targets?

Knowing the answers to these questions help you determine the most suitable home security measures for your domestic haven. Seeing things from the viewpoint of a burglar can also help you reinforce any preventive solutions, such as house alarm systems, CCTV cameras, or home automation technology, that your residence already has.

Temporal Aspect

According to the statistics of Victoria Police, residential burglaries frequently happen during the middle of the day on weekdays. This fact is affirmed by the Australian Institute of Criminology. Its document on burglary prevention stated that the said offence often happens during daylight, as perpetrators are attracted to empty dwellings. On weekends, break-ins somewhat level off and may happen any time of the day. In addition, statistics show higher burglary cases during May to July; and again around the middle of summer. This information should help you know when to be even more extra vigilant about your home safety.

Point of Entry

For freestanding residences, most burglars prefer entering through the door, with the windows coming in second and the back a close third. So, if you are planning to get CCTV cameras or a home security system, such devices should focus on monitoring your residential windows and doors.

Tools and Techniques

Forcibly opening or breaking entrances and glass windows is the most favoured modus. Another approach, which is surprising in its simplicity, is going through unlocked or already open entrances. Many intruders who have been convicted even allege that burglar alarm systems are either ignored or not activated. So, if you do have one in your dwelling, make sure that these are turned on. If you want to make sure that you do not forget this very important step, invest in 24 hour security monitoring technology or services.

Although you may often see films about burglaries where sophisticated instruments and gadgets are used, the same is not often true in real life. Records from Victoria Police show that the top tools used are screwdrivers, levers, and jemmys. Others chose to use brick and rocks, as well as bolt or tin cutters. Knowing this, it should not be hard to prevent home invasion, even when you are out. You can opt for a home automation arrangement that lets you control your security settings no matter where you are.

Basically, the unlawful entry of residential premises typically happens when the perpetrator has enough motive and opportunity to commit the crime. While you cannot control the former, see to it that you will not make the situation ideal for such an offence. An effective way of doing this is installing CCTV devices in and outside your house, as well as alarm systems. The presence of surveillance gadgets will discourage and tell would-be intruders that yours is a household conscious of home safety.

To ensure that your surveillance and safety solutions are properly installed and managed, have it done by a highly reputable Melbourne security company that can authoritatively assess whether your home is at risk for burglaries.

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