The idea of taking a holiday can be incredibly exciting, but have you ever thought that you are putting your home security and safety at risk whilst you are away? According to Australian Institute of Criminology, the number of assaults peaks in the spring and summer months of October through to February. Luckily, you can take several measures to significantly reduce the chances you’ll be burglarised.

Stop the Mail

If your mailbox is overflowing or your doorstep is covered in unread newspapers, it clearly shows that you haven’t been home in a while. If possible, tell the post office and your local newspaper agency the dates you’ll be away. You can even ask a friend or neighbor to collect your mail on a regular basis.

Don’t Tip-Off the World by Letting Them Know You’re Away

Although you might be tempted to make a buzz about your upcoming vacation on your social media profiles and everyone you see in the grocery store, it’s advised to save the buzz for after you return from your trip. Believe us, we know how intriguing it gets – we’re constantly on Facebook and Twitter. Avoiding social media will not only make you security-conscious, but you will also get to view your holiday pictures once again to be sure you really want to share them!

Keep Your Lawn Tidy

One thing that you must do is take care of your lawn while you are away. Not only you’ll prevent yourself from coming home to an overgrown lawn, but you also don’t want to let people know that you are away. So, make arrangements with a lawn care company or ask a family member to have your grass cut and weeds removed.

Install a Security Camera System

Whether or not you are travelling, installing a CCTV system is important for every home. Having a home security camera system can help you watch out for people who enter your property wanting to commit crimes, or simply deter people from entering your property with bad intentions. CCTV security systems cost a lot less than a lot of people tend to think.

Enjoy Your Trip

If you worry too much about your home’s safety, it might get in the way of all the fun you were supposed to have during your holiday. That’s one reason why it is a good idea to handle all of the safety issues before you leave so that you can put your mind at ease whilst your away from home.

If you’re considering installing a home security system prior to your next holiday, speak to the team at Eversafe today on (03) 900 10 900 for a free security assessment and quote.