Complete and Customised Security Solutions with Paradox

At Eversafe, we’re here to design and install a security system that’s perfectly suited to your home or Melbourne business. From the outdoor to your rooms, our team of professionals will create a solution that covers all of the critical areas of your property. Plus, control will be in your hands with Paradox’s range of mobile apps, remotes, and user interfaces.

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Paradox Alarm System: Superior protection for your family and business

Burglaries occur when you least expect them. But you can stay safe and worry-free in your Melbourne property with a Paradox alarm system. Its comprehensive range of products has you covered 24/7, including its outdoor perimeter protection, glass break detectors, movement detectors, smoke detectors, and a variety of remotes and user interfaces.

When you choose Eversafe, you’ll be working with a team of professionals who will design and install your Paradox alarm system, so you can get the best protection that you deserve.

Eversafe will help you design and install a Paradox alarm system that’s right for you.

Need Something Simple?

We’ll provide you with Paradox’s monitored alarm system that will keep intruders and burglars away from your property 24/7.

Want Something More Comprehensive?

We’ll customise the Paradox alarm system further to match your unique requirements. Other features you can avail of include CCTVs, remote viewing capability, and access management systems.

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